If you’re self-employed or in charge of getting new business for a company, then you’re familiar with the process of creating price quotes and estimates for potential customers. The way in which you determine what to charge for something is your own process, but when it comes time to share the quote with the other party, how do you deliver it? Do you just put a specific amount of money in an e-mail and fire it off? Depending on the situation, that may work for you, but since you’re trying to land some new business, it makes sense to at least present your quote in an attractive way. Who knows, that may be the last piece that’s needed to seal the deal. QuoteBase will enable you to create attractive price quotes.

It’s easy to create quotes on your own, but if you want to involve other members of the team, then you can invite them to collaborate with you. You can add your logo to the quote to make it feel more official, and the resulting document will be one that you’re proud to share. Your quotes will be trackable and archived, and hopefully you won’t have to use the service too much because you’ll have so much work to handle.