Next Generation Chevy Aveo – Looking Good GM!

This past week I just finished bashing what I considered a bonehead move by GM, for offering a turbo charged 4 banger, 6 speed manual trans in an old folks Buick. Now GM is showing just a hint of brilliance with their new Chevy Aveo RS model. This pint sized wannabee of a car has always reminded me of a toaster with four wheels affixed. It is so plain that even Jane wouldn’t want to be associated with it. Get it – plain Jane?

Popular Mechanics states:

Unveiled with what GM calls “hints at the next-generation Aveo,” Chevy’s Aveo RS Show Car certainly looks like it could hang with the cool kids. The Euro-style hatchback wears huge brake cooling inlets, swollen wheel wells, and rally car-like features including an integrated, roof-mounted spoiler and center-mounted exhaust pipes. Jaunty, swept-back lines dominate its silhouette, and its angularity offers a way cooler look than the present Aveo.

Motorcycle-like cues include exposed headlamps and taillamps set inside tinted aluminum housings, and an analog tachometer is placed within an asymmetrical LCD readout with milled metal trim. The gearshift, A/C, and USB-port equipped sound system are found in a one-piece centerstack, while ice-blue backlighting matches Boracay Blue accents and stitching inside the otherwise matte black interior. GM says the show car is decked out with personalization options that could become available when the next-gen Aveo sees production.

There was only one disturbing statement in the article.

GM says the show car is decked out with personalization options that could become available when the next-gen Aveo sees production.

I would recommend to GM that they get this puppy into production ASAP. The company has been farting around for too many years to let this prototype just sit in the wings. GM needs to make a bold move and come up with with some novel gas saving models soon or we will be handing them another bailout.

I can see the Chevy Aveo as being a great little car for around town with enough styling to impress people while you pocket some money  on your fuel bill savings .

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Hybrid Cars – Deal Or No Deal?

Now that we are all feeling the pain at the gas pumps, it is becoming fashionable this week to be ‘green’ and discuss the alternative hybrid vehicles. In speaking with family, friends, and acquaintances two vehicles are mentioned as possible alternatives to gasoline power alone.

The Toyota Prius Hybrid which advertises on the Toyota site a whopping 48/45 m.p.g. Prices start at about $21,500 and according to the awards page is the best when it comes to squeezing out more miles per gallon of gas.


Next we have the Honda Civic Hybrid which according to the Honda site gets about 40/45m.p.g. Pricing starts at $22, 600 and Honda touts their reliability as a well known feature for their product line.


On the flip side we have non-hybrids to consider as well that are easy on the wallet:

Yaris 29/35 starting at $11, 550,  Kia Rio 25/35 starting at $11,450, Ford Focus 24/35 starting at $14,755, Chevy Aveo  24/34 starting at $12,830,  just to name a few of the inexpensive gas only models.

Which brings up several questions that many of us may have on our minds. Is the additional expense of buying a hybrid currently worth it? How is the reliability of a hybrid vs a gas only model?

Or if OPEC kicks up production and gas prices fall, will the Hybrids go the way of the dodo bird?

What do you think?

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