Man Kills Wife After Facebook Profile Change

This unfortunate incident occurred in the UK after a man found out that after he left, his wife changed her Facebook profile from married to single. The husband got drunk and high on cocaine and took her life after a very brutal assault against her person. According to the article is also stated that:

He beat her, tore out clumps of her hair, and repeatedly stabbed her in the head and neck.

Neighbours were woken up by her screams. They found him sitting outside the house covered in blood and called the police.

The court heard Forrester thought his wife, a payroll administrator, was having an affair and had threatened to kill her.

The couple, who had been together for 15 years, had a “volatile” marriage, jurors were told.

This unfortunate event and tragic loss of life fully demonstrates the battered wife syndrome. This woman paid with her life as a result of her staying with an abuser. Sad.