Is ‘The Price Is Right’ Boring With Host Drew Carey?

Back in 2007 Drew Carey took over the reins from Bob Barker for the host of  ‘The Price Is Right’ television game show. Bob Barker had previously hosted the program for 35 years before retiring.  But does Bob Barker like the new host? In an on the street interview Bob Barker stated:

“He does the show differently than I did,” Barker told TMZ, “I tried to make the show really exciting, and he doesn’t do that. He just plays the games.”

Though I am not an avid viewer of the game show, the times I have watched the show, I personally thought that Drew Carey was doing a good job. Yes, he has a different style compared to Bob Barker, but I personally do not think that it really matters. The show is basically the same since it is the contestants and their antics that make the show worth watching and not the host.

Just my two cents.

What do you think?

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