Should The KFC Double Down Carry A Health Warning?

If you are not familiar with the latest offering from the folks at KFC, it is a sandwich of sorts without the bread or bun. The sandwich compirses two slabs of chicken instead of bread or bun, sandwiched between Monterrey,  pepper jack cheese, bacon and the special KFC sauce. There are two versions of the sandwich, one is using fried chicken and the other is grilled chicken. The grilled chicken version is claimed to be more healthy than the fired, which makes sense. But what doesn’t make sense is that KFC would even offer such a concoction, in light of the fact that they have changed their own name from Kentucky Fried Chicken, to KFC, in an attempt to make one think their food offerings are anything but fried.

Here is a picture of what the sandwich looks like:

No offense but this artery clogger doesn’t even look good. LOL  Yes, you guessed it. I am not a big fan of fast food and rarely stop at the local blubber inducing factories. Just my 2 cents.

Some now want foods like this to come with a health warning. What do you think? Should we protect people from themselves like we do with cigarettes?

Comments welcome.


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