Google Toolbar – Browse By Name Feature

Google Toolbar offers the ability to find web sites on the Internet without having to type in the complete URL of the specific site. This Browse By Name feature is described on the Google site as:

Want to save time online? Type names instead of URLs into your Internet Explorer address bar. The Browse by Name feature of the Google Toolbar will automatically take you to the site you’re looking for.

  • Instead of typing the URL,
    Just type
    toyota camry into your address bar.

  • Instead of typing the URL,
    Just type
    windows support into your address bar.

When you type a name without a clear match, Browse by Name performs a Google search for you – for example, try digital cameras.

While Browse By Name is working, the mouse cursor will momentarily change to . Browse By Name does not take effect when you type in a valid URL, internal site name, or local directory listing.

Some bloggers are calling this an infringement on our search rights since they ascertain that Google is dishing up only what they want is to see. Give me a break! Where is it written that any of us even have to use Google Toolbar to begin with? On one web site the writer stated that when you enter in the term ‘football’ Google’s first site lists the ‘NFL’ web site. Gee. That seems logical to me.

What do you think?

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