Lost Dog Or Cat – Think FindToto

As a pet owner myself, I can relate to the likely heartbreak of trying to track down a lost pet should it escape into the wild blue yonder. And up until now, tracking down pets was all but a joke. Knocking on doors, ignored posters, totally not worth it as no one is going to get anything done this way.

Then we have FindToto.com, a website that does the impossible – contacts your neighbors in near real-time in sort of an Amber alert like method. Phone calls, automatically dialed by computer are used to alert your neighbors to the missing pet.

Does it work? According to all the celebs using the service, it works fantastically. Spot on with the service described, people everywhere are reporting on returned pets. Clearly, there is something worth noting here.

How Does A Cat Get 1/2 Million Twitter Followers?

I just read an article over at TechCrunch about a lone web site about cats [?] getting some 1/2 million twitter followers. But this is not the story. The story is what the site doesn’t say. In other words it seems from the description of what is being posted, most of it is just……well……..unexplainable gibberish.


“and so I slept and then I walked around and then I slept again and then I saw a cobweb and OH FINE YES IT IS A SLOW NEWS DAY” in addition to “HOORAY THE ATTIC IS OPEN awesome view from attic window PLUS I PROVIDE CREEPY CAT SHADOW IN TOP WINDOW wooooooooooo look out socks above”,

So what exactly makes being a follower of this twitter site so attractive? If someone knows the answer to this mystery please share it with us.

Comments are welcome.