How Big Is Bill Gates' Yacht?

According to Reuters, Bill has a big yacht… a really big yacht. How big, you ask? Try 177 feet and see how it fits. Common folk might dream about chartering a yacht to cruise Mediterranean and Caribbean waters. But Bill and Melinda have succumbed to the charms of Phuket, Thailand, where the locals are planning to build the most elite of retreats… a man-made island to play host to just a few dozen ultra-plush tropical homes, a hotel, and a marina to dock the grandest of the grand charter yachts.

If you want to dock your mega charter yacht at the existing Royal Phuket Marina, you’re out of luck (even if you remember to bring both your Visa and American Express cards). At low tide, you’ll beach that luxury cruiser like a whale out of water. That’s why they’re planning to spend hundreds of millions of dollars to build the new island… to cater to the ultra-rich and their ultra-large yachts.

You and I don’t have that problem, of course. The charter yachts of our dreams sail in less exotic locales and might not even run Vista. I’d gladly settle for a 41 foot ocean yacht, tied up at the Trump Marina in Atlantic City. But if the Donald is reading, please send someone to captain the ship for me, lest I run it aground…

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