Gixaw Chat

The ability to chat online is something that’s been around for a long time, but it’s no less important just because it’s not necessarily a new thing. A lot of us use chat services that sit on our desktops and connect us with all of our contacts. This experience is satisfactory for the majority of people, but it may not be everything that you need it to be. Depending on what you do, it may be better for you to have your own chat site that ties directly to your efforts. Gixaw Chat is a chat tool that you can make your own.

We’ve seen simple services that enable you to create quick chat rooms that can be used for a period of time, but Gixaw Chat is a personalized chat service that is always available to you, your clients, and anyone else that you’d like to communicate with. A free option exists, but you’ll have to use one of the paid plans if you want more rooms and more people. Not only are you in total control, but extras such as being able to share files, view transcripts, and embed the tool outside of the core site are available to improve the process.