All of us have a variety of choices that we need to make each day, and making the right decisions is essential for our happiness and satisfaction in life. Whether we’re trying to figure out where to go or what to do in a city, we don’t have to guess because there are plenty of other people who have experienced the options for us and have shared their experiences. These firsthand reviews really help you to make smarter decisions, and InTheMO uses them to help you find the best spots in a city.

Like you would expect, you can connect with your friends, share your favorite places, follow city guides, and get recommendations for other spots that you would probably enjoy. Those features are pretty standard for services like InTheMO, but one area in which the site really excels is video content. They can create videos for businesses and post them on the site, and not only are they high quality, but they really help you to get a good feel for the businesses. This video production offering is only one of the business services that InTheMO provides, and businesses looking for more exposure might be able to take them up on what they can do.


When you travel somewhere, you want to have new experiences that are interesting and exciting. In fact, you may even be looking for new experiences in your own hometown. Each one of us has a different set of knowledge about cities, and that’s why it makes sense to connect with other more knowledgeable and experienced individuals when we travel to their area. Whether it’s something local that’s fun to do or just an experience that you don’t want to miss, you can check Skyara to find exciting things to do in a city.

Right now the site seems to be focused on the San Francisco area, and you’ll see that a variety of options are open to you. You can just search for what you’re looking for and see what’s available. If the details and price look good to you, then you can book the experience and look forward to it. If you have something to offer, then you can list it on Skyara and make some money in the process. Traveling definitely doesn’t have to be boring.


There should be an image here!If you have money to spend, it can be a lot of fun to buy things. Sometimes this fun can escalate into a financial problem, but if done in moderation, spending money on things you want can be a great experience. Spending money on your own is nice, but it can be even more enjoyable to spend money with others. In fact, buying certain things together can even save you and the other consumers precious money. Group buying has become somewhat of a phenomenon online these days, and BuyWithMe offers more deals that you can participate in.

If you live in one of the supported cities, you can look for special deals from the businesses in your area. The catch? The deal only becomes active once a certain number of people have agreed to buy it, so it’s important for you to spread the word in as many ways as possible to ensure that you get it. If there aren’t enough people that participate, you won’t be charged for anything and you’ll have to try again when the next interesting deal appears.


No matter where you live, if you don’t make an effort to find out what’s going on locally, then it’s almost like you’re a tourist in your own town. When you live somewhere, you could have this tendency to avoid digging deep in your own community because to you, doing something recreationally may mean leaving town. With that said, there’s probably a lot of cool stuff that you could experience in your own town if you just knew about it. Groupon wants to make you more aware of what’s happening around you and save you money in the process.

A nice selection of large US cities are supported on the site, and when you find the nearest city to you, you’ll see that Groupon offers a daily deal that you can be a part of. What this means is that each day you’ll be presented with an opportunity from a local business that you can take advantage of. Groupon is all about collective buying power, and since there’s strength in numbers, they’re able to work with local businesses to setup amazing deals. If enough people agree to be a part of a deal, then the deal becomes available and everyone benefits. Just to give you an idea of the savings that you can benefit from, the current offer in my city is 79% off the normal price. You can’t beat that!

Symantec Lists 10 Cities Most At Risk To Cybercrime

Symantec has listed a listing of the top 10 cities in the U.S. that are most at risk to cybercrime. According to a Symantec press release in .pdf format below, the compnay obtained data from an independent research firm Sperling’s BestPlaces to assemble the top 10. Here is a highlight of what the report states:

The following are ranked the Norton Top 10 Riskiest Online Cities:
1.) Seattle
2.) Boston
3.) Washington, D.C.
4.) San Francisco
5.) Raleigh, N.C.
6.) Atlanta
7.) Minneapolis
8.) Denver
9.) Austin, Texas
10.) Portland, Ore.

The rankings were determined through a combination of Symantec Security Response’s data on cyberattacks and potential malware infections, as well as third-party data about online behavior, such as accessing wifi hotspots and online shopping.

At the top of the rankings, Seattle claims the dubious distinction of America’s leading riskiest cybercrime city, placing near the top in categories such as cyberattacks and potential infections; online behavior that can expose people more to cybercrime, such as online shopping and banking online; and wireless Internet access.

Boston and Washington, D.C. follow in second and third place. Both cities experience a very high level of cybercrime, perhaps due in part to their large number of WiFi hotpots.

High-tech hubs San Francisco and Raleigh are ranked fourth and fifth. San Francisco tops the list for riskiest online behavior and highest number of WiFi hotspots per capita. Many of these cities are considered some of the most tech-savvy cities in the nation, proving that even skilled and experienced Internet users are at risk when it comes to cybercrime and online insecurity.

Rounding out the top 10 are Atlanta, Minneapolis, Denver, Austin and Portland. According to the Norton research, Atlanta residents experience the most cyberattacks and potential infections. Minneapolis and Portland are near the top for risky online behavior, while Denver and Austin score high across the board

These are interesting facts if the methodology of collecting the information holds true. But does this mean that if you live outside of these areas you are less likely to become a victim? I am not sure that this would be the case. It would seem to me that any of us could be a victim of cybercrime no matter where we live. If you read the entire report it seems that only the largest U.S. cities were analyzed.

What do you think?

Symantec press release in .pdf format

What Are The 21 Cities Where Time Saving Is Simple? The Results May Surprise You

First of all we need to understand how the survey was conducted and what types of categories were used to rank the cities. The specific categories were for ease of getting around, health & safety, Information & technology, green time savers and finally lifestyle. Each city was graded on a scale of 1 to 5 and the scores were than added up to rank each city. Here is a listing of the top five cities:

1. Seattle

Time-saving score: 22.5
Population: 598,541

With extensive public transit, one of the country’s most on-time airports, and 50 miles of new bike lanes in the last two years, our winning city, Seattle, is an icon of urban efficiency.

2. Portland, Oregon

Time-saving score: 21.5
Population: 557,706

It’s no hassle getting around this town, whether by bike or on the nation’s fourth-largest light-rail system. There are few airport delays, and speedy emergency services translate to one of the highest cardiac-arrest survival rates

3. San Francisco

Time-saving score: 21
Population: 808,976

San Francisco’s copious lifestyle perks and the local government’s smart use of technology help residents make the most of their time

4. Boston

Time-saving score: 20
Population: 609,023

Thanks to its compact layout, Boston has the nation’s highest walk-to-work rate.

5. Minneapolis

Time-saving score: 19.5
Population: 382,605

Despite frigid winters, Minneapolis is number one for farmers’ markets and number two for bike accessibility, and it has one of the highest numbers of community gardens per capita.

This is an interesting survey since the results of who the winners are may surprise some of us. Having been a life long resident of San Francisco and the surrounding area, I can agree with the City being listed as number 3 in the survey. San Francisco is a beautiful city to live near and offers some gorgeous views. However, traffic is a nightmare IMHO.

Other cities listed were Denver, Washington D.C., Pittsburgh, Miami, Atlanta, Baltimore, Philadelphia, New York, Chicago, Austin, Cleveland, Dallas, Los Angeles, San Diego, Houston and Phoenix.

For a complete list of cities and how they were rated, check out the link below.

Source – 21 top cities

The National Speed Trap Exchange – Find Out Where The Cops Hide!

The National Speed Trap Exchange site depends on the input of drivers to find out where the cops hide. The listing is by state and than by city, so it is easy to find out where you need to watch out and hopefully avoid a ticket. Also listed are the providences in Canada as well. On the web site its states that:

The main premise of the National Motorists Association is that if motorists will join together in one organization to represent their rights and interests as drivers, they will no longer be ignored and exploited by federal, state and local.

I did a check where I live and the information is accurate. The cops in our town, like most small hamlets, need a way to generate revenue for the town.

Comments welcome.

Source – speed trap

Welcome to Google, Kansas!

The mayor of  Topeka, Kansas is serious about getting Google to use his town as a test bed for broadband. The mayor has issued a proclamation that during the month of March, Topeka will be known as Google, Kansas. In one article it states that:

A campaign to make Topeka a test site for a new, ultrafast Internet service is gathering speed.

Google Inc. announced plans Feb. 10 to build and test new high-speed broadband networks in one or more places around the country. The company says the system of fiber-optic cables would deliver Internet connections 100 times faster than most systems now available.

Over the past week, Topeka city officials have announced they’re completing Google’s request for information from potential trial communities. The City Council has indicated that it’s behind the effort.

And a group called “Think Big Topeka” is campaigning to build community and government support.

What’s next. People naming their first born Google? LOL

I must admit that in these economically challenging times that this would help any city that tries to vie to become a Google test city.  Here is another idea. Maybe California could change their name to Google-fornia!

Comments welcome.


Google Adds City Tours To Its Bag Of Tricks

It seems that Google is adding more toys to it’s bag of trick introducing City Tours to the masses. This is a definite beta lab test, believe me. I live near Branson, MO and I am familiar with the sights. I took a spin over to Google City Tours and looked for suggested tour locations.

First of all, Branson is not walking friendly country during the summer months. It is to darn hot and muggy in Branson, since the town is located on a lake. The distance between suggested tour sites and what Google Tours suggested was not very realistic. Some of the major attractions were not even mentioned.

This is a lab experiment with plenty of room for improvement and needs more features. But even with these limitations, Google City Tours is fun to play with. May I suggest you give it a try for your home town and see waht you think.

Share your thought with us.

Comments welcome.

Google City Tours site


Whenever you travel to a new place, you probably at least do a little bit of research to find businesses that you’d like to visit whether they’re restaurants, stores, or anything else for that matter. Of course, you shouldn’t just do this when you leave town because there are probably plenty of destinations in your own area that you’re not familiar with. It’s easy to miss what’s in your own backyard because you can get into a routine, but if you open your eyes and do your research, you’ll probably be surprised by what’s around you. Whether you’re searching locally or beyond, give Tupalo a try.

This site enables you to explore cities all over the world to see what you can find. Feel free to comment on places that you’ve been to and be sure to check out what other people have to say. Discussion groups also exist for locals and tourists to get together and talk about what’s going on. The success of a site like this depends on participation by the community. Right now, Tupalo feels pretty empty and has more general listings than reviews, but hopefully they’ll figure out a way to be unique and attract an active audience.

Google Earth 4.3 Beta Available For Download

Google has a new Beta version of Earth available for download or updating, depending if you have a previous version of Earth on your system or not. According to Google, their new Earth software includes the following:

New! in Earth 4.3 (beta)

Photo-realistic Buildings

With Google Earth 4.3, see 3D buildings faster and in more cities than ever before. Now you can access hundreds of new buildings from the world’s cities, including San Francisco, Boston, Orlando, Munich, Zurich, and dozens more.

Swoop Navigation

Fly seamlessly through the landscape with new navigation controls. Swoop from outer space to street level and leap from one building top to another. Use the look joystick to view buildings as if you were standing right in front of them.

Light and Shadow

With the new Sunlight feature, you can watch the sunrise and sunset from anywhere. Move the time slider to watch dusk, dawn and shadows move across the Earth.

Street View

Street View, available in Google Maps, is now in Google Earth! Fly into panoramic images of select cities and take a 360 degree tour.

You can get your copy from here.

Comments welcome.

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Recommendations are a big deal these days, and a variety of services have risen from obscurity that enable you to receive them on your terms. The recommendations that I take seriously are the ones that come from other people. Computers can sometimes deliver impressive results in this area, but without any influence by human beings, the recommendations can truly go either way. Because of this, I prefer to receive my recommendations directly from other people, especially when they’re for local service providers. TrustedWord is a service that uses the power of social recommendations to try and give you an advantage.

While other similar services contain a default list of businesses right from the start, TrustedWord relies on users to populate the database, and unfortunately, as is the case with a lot of services like this, there just aren’t enough results to make this worthwhile at the current time. Cities like Seattle, San Francisco, and New York have a few entries, but even then, there needs to be more. I like the way TrustedWord helps you to find the cities, states, and zip codes while you type, and the idea of sharing these recommendations with your friends and others has legs, but they’re just not walking yet.


Unless you travel frequently, it can be very easy to get in a rut in the location where you live. When all you see is the same four walls and the same old town, you sometimes forget about the big world that’s out there just waiting to be discovered by you. When I’m stuck in my office for hours at a time, I sometimes like to research other cities around the world in order to help reinvigorate my creativity, and as you can imagine, pictures are the most interesting tool for this, especially when they’re live. Livelook brings these worldwide webcam images and videos to you in one centralized location.

You can look for images in your location, but if you’re going to do that, then you should just step outside. Instead, it wouldn’t hurt to get adventurous and see what webcams you can find in other countries or other parts of your country. Additional webcams can be manually added to the site, and you can save all of the ones that you like on your My Livelook page. You may be stuck in one spot, but Livelook is your real time window to the world.

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After a long day at work, you’ll either be fully exhausted and ready to crash for the night, or you’ll be ready to go out and hit the town before coming home to crash and start the vicious cycle all over again in the morning. Where I live, there aren’t exactly any hot spots to go to at night, however, if I’m willing to drive about an hour to get to Atlanta, then a whole world of options are available. For the record, I’m usually not willing to make the drive to Atlanta, and I end up choosing my couch instead. If you live in San Francisco, Seattle, or certain other parts of Washington and are regularly looking for stuff to do when the sun goes down and the Man on the Moon shows his face, then give down2night a whirl.

Without a doubt, the best way to be informed about events that are happening out and about while you’re out and about is through your cell phone, and that’s exactly what down2night utilizes. They’ll send you SMS alerts to let you know about what’s happening at the places that you love on the nights that you’re available. Users (and even venues themselves) can add information on upcoming events, so you should be able to stay in the loop. The service may only support a small amount of locations at this time, but they’ll be launching support for a number of new big cities soon.

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By the time you read this, I’ll be just about ready to go on a business trip with my wife to Paris! This will be the first time that either of us have been to Paris, and even though the trip does call for some business, we’ll still have a suitable amount of time with which to explore the city and absorb the culture. My wife and I have been doing some research on places to go, and instead of just researching the standard travel resources, it’s also nice to hear from the real and unfiltered travelers who can offer helpful advice. The problem with this approach is that even though these people may be able to offer suggestions by name, this information becomes cloudy if you can’t recognize where these places are located or where they are in relation to where you’ll be. Grapheety hopes to help fix this problem by allowing users to tag where they’ve been on a map.

Graffiti may not be accepted in cities, but Grapheety certainly is. Explore the map to find out what other people have said about certain places, and contribute your experiences for the betterment of the community. More than just simple markers, these tags allow users to write a description and include pictures of the location. To continue this dialog, interested observers can then post comments and questions. By the way, what’s with the hideous buttons and text input fields at the top of the page?

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