Hair Catcher Keeps Drains Clear of Hair, Fuzz, Furballs

Shower Hair Catcher Plus Bath Drain Clog Preventer
Keep your drains free from hair, fuzz, and other furballs of questionable and disgusting origin by using the DrainWig Hair Catcher [Image shared by Amazon]
About seven years ago, my wife and I purchased a home that had been previously occupied. After moving in, I noticed that the master bath was draining slowly. Removing the gobs of wadded hair that had been lovingly left behind by the last tenants (presumably a follicly prolific family of Wookiees that had married into a tribe of Sasquatch) was enough to make a billy goat puke. It was a nasty task — one that I vowed never to repeat. Due to this experience, I can vouch that the DrainWig Hair Catcher is well worth its meager price for sparing you a similarly hair-raising ordeal.

How Can The DrainWig Hair Catcher Save You Money?

The DrainWig Hair Catcher can save you, the property owner, money and sanity from the necessity of having a plumber unclog your drains. It will also protect your pipes and the environment by eliminating the need to use caustic chemicals that can leach into the ground water. However, in my opinion, the biggest advantage is that you will not have to face removing the clog yourself.

In summary, the DrainWig Hair Catcher boasts these features:

  • It’s universal and fits into any shower, tub, or sink drain.
  • It’s green because it uses physics — not chemicals — to keep your drain free of clogs!
  • It’s easily installed and requires no tools. It simply goes over the drain cover that’s already there.
  • It’s hygienic because it can clean a drain without your hands even touching the hair and other gross stuff that tends to clog drains!
  • It’s low maintenance — if you don’t want to wash and reuse it, you can just replace it every one to three months (depending on how hairy your family happens to be).

How Does the DrainWig Hair Catcher Work?

The DrainWig Hair Catcher is a very simple device, and it’s easy to install. You just feed it through the shower or sink drain, and as hair enters the drain, the DrainWig Hair Catcher catches it and holds it in place. The chain is fitted with rubber ‘whiskers’ that grab the hair and hold it securely, keeping it from entering the drain to collect out of reach and cause a clog.

Get your own DrainWig Hair Catcher at Amazon and keep your drains free from hair, fuzz, and other furballs of questionable and disgusting origin!