Linspire Changes CNR Policy

For those of you who use Linspire, Freespire or Ubuntu versions of Linux, you should be aware of changes that are happening on the CNR website.  Effective March 10th, 2008 only the following versions will be updated – Freespire 2.0. Linspire 6.0 and Ubuntu versions 7.04 and 7.10. In the alert from Linspire it further states:

We know you will have a number of questions regarding the new CNR Service and we will try to address them here:

1. When is the legacy CNR Warehouse closing?
The legacy CNR Warehouse will be closing on March 10th, 2008 at midnight.

2. Why is the legacy CNR Warehouse closing?
The version of PHP on is being updated and doesn’t warrant the effort required to modify the legacy CNR Warehouse, when the effort can be better used in support of an improved The ultimate goal is to give you a better user experience at

3. Will my Linux operating system work with the NEW CNR Service?
The new CNR Service currently supports the following Linux distributions:
Freespire 2.0,  Linspire 6.0, Ubuntu 7.04 and 7.10.

4. What will happen to all my software that I have installed with the legacy CNR Warehouse?
Your CNB software will show up under your new CNR Account however, you will have to re-install them and unfortunately, if you had a CNB that is no longer supported on the new, you will not be able to retrieve it. This will affect only a handful of software. We are currently working on discounted upgrades to make the transition smoother and will let you know as soon as they are available.

This may be a good time to upgrade your linux distribution to the latest version.

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Full Linspire article is here.

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Freespire 2.0 – Linux At Its Best

I must admit I have fallen behind in testing Linux distributions. Between testing Vista service packs, XP service packs & Windows Home Server from beta to final release time has just kind of slipped by. But I wanted to try the newest Freespire distribution to see how it would perform on my laptop. In the past there have been a few issues with getting my wireless to work properly so I have mainly stuck with using Linux on my desktop setup which it likes. I was also interested to find out how the newest CNR [click-n-run] technology would function.

First of all Freespire is a free distribution from the folks who who distribute Linspire which is their commercial version. Some have been critical of Linspire since they had previously cut a deal with Microsoft after the alleged patent violations came up. I’m not going to argue this issue since that is another huge can of worms that may never be resolved.

Back to Freespire 2.0. The download was extremely fast which was nice. I used the FTP site at the Indiana University which on the day I downloaded wasn’t very busy. I burned the .iso file to CD and let her rip on my lappy using the run from CD option. You may recall that running any Linux distribution from CD is always slower than an install to hard disk.

I was pleasantly surprised that with this distribution it actually found my wireless setup and was was able to make a Internet connection. After registering on the CNR site I was able to explorer a ton of software available for download. Since I was running from CD I wasn’t able to install any of them though. But may experience from using CNR in the past makes installing software a no brainer, which is very helpful for the Linux novice. I have always enjoy using Freespire in the past and this was no exception.

So I decided to go ahead and install the distribution on my desktop machine since I have a Linux hard disk dedicated just for testing purposes. Only one word can describe the installation. Perfect. Freespire found all of my hardware and even setting up netwrok shares was simple. I must admit that since Freespire is Unbuntu based, and since Ubuntu distributions always liked my desktop machine hardware, I expected it to work perfectly. :-)

Installing additional software from CNR was a pleasure. It just does it for you. I can’t say enough about this great feature. Those who are interested in trying Linux should consider Freespire. I believe you will enjoy the ride.

Comments welcome.

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Freespire 2.0.3 With CNR Available

It seems that we have been waiting for CNR [Click-N-Run] to be incorporated into Freespire for well over six months. Well it has finally arrived. CNR is being offered as a freebie by the Linspire folks and will make your installing of free open source software easier than every. CNR contains a repository of thousands of free open source programs that you can select from and the installation is done automatically for you. On their web site it states:

Freespire is a community-driven, Debian-based Linux distribution which legally supports (or has one-click access to support): MP3, DVD, Windows Media, QuickTime, Java, Flash, Real, ATI drivers, nVidia drivers, Adobe Acrobat Reader, proprietary WiFi drivers, fonts, and more. In addition to the CNR service, Freespire provides free access to the entire Freespire open source application pool using apt-get.

If you have tried other distributions and had trouble installing software, give Freespire a try. You will be pleasantly surprised how simple the process can be using CNR.

Comments welcome.

Download Freespire 2.0.3 from here.

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An Alternative To Windows

Gnomie Bob Littell writes:

Chris, I fully sympathize with your frustration with Windows. I have felt this way about Microsoft since the mid-nineties. I heartily suggest you go to and test Linspire and its CNR (“Click and Run”) feature which automatically downloads many free and some “pay-for” applications and immediately installs the application for immediate use. You can set up this OS in a dual-boot configuration. You can also purchase a CDROM from which you can run the OS without ANY changes to your existing system.

Linspire has now setup CNR on a new Web site to allow this automatic feature to be used by other flavors of Linux. In my opinion, this is the most beneficial and inexpensive approach to computing. It needs more support from drivers such as yourself (presuming you agree).

Spreading the word as I type this, Bob!

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Big Changes Ahead At Linspire – New Freespire – New CNR Support For Ubuntu – ALL FOR FREE!

In the next 60 days or so, the folks over at Linspire are promising some major changes, some of which sound real exciting and should make using Linux even easier for us to use. If I am reading this correctly, and I think I am, it sounds like Freespire will be based on Ubuntu version 7.04 Fiesty Fawn. From the statement I received it states:

Freespire OS

The new Freespire 2.0 operating system starts with Ubuntu 7.04 (Feisty Fawn) for its baseline, and then integrates the latest KDE, the new CNR, and the latest 3rd-party proprietary software, drivers and codecs for better hardware and multimedia support. Freespire also includes dozens of other changes to make Freespire easier to use. This new OS will be the most current and advanced desktop Linux operating system available anywhere.

I think that it is great news to see Ubuntu and Linspire working together to bring the best possible Linux operating system to us. The biggest benefit is going to be CNR – Click-N-Run. I know, I’ve mentioned this so many times that you might be getting tired of hearing it. But I have used it and it is fantastic. The feature fully explains what softwares are available for Linux, driver updates, and fixes/patches and automatically installs them for you. You are going to like this feature a lot. The newsletter states:

CNR has been completely revamped and will live on its own website, incorporating Web 2.0 technology and begin supporting several other popular Linux distributions. The new CNR Warehouse will be full of the latest and greatest products, and the new infrastructure will make it possible for us to keep products current moving forward.

So it looks like by June we should have all of the latest toys to play with. I think this is going to be a giant shot in the arm for Linux and truly make it a viable alternative to Windows. The simplicity of Ubuntu/Kubuntu and Freespire coupled with CNR technology is going to be the best thing that has happened to Linux in years.

Now if Dell keeps its word and goes with one of these versions using CNR, this could turn out to be a huge step for bringing Linux to the masses. It should be very interesting to see how this all plays out. This might even be a good time for Google to get involved as well. They can call their version Googleux.
And it gets better. IT IS ALL GOING TO BE FOR FREE! :-)

Full details here.

Comments welcome.

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Linux – Linspire and Ubuntu – Working Together – About Time!

I think this is great news for Linux. Linspre [Freespire] and Canoical [Ubuntu] ,two very respected Linux distributors, join forces to help and try to bring Linux to the desktop. I had previously been ridiculed by those who read my previous article [here] when I said that Linux will remain a toy for most users until someone steps up to the plate and starts to combine and support each other to make Linux easier to use.

I commend both Linspire and Canoical for taking the initiative and foresight in recognizing that a joint effort and collaboration will be a benefit to the Linux community. And hopefully this alliance will be supported by other distributions as well. The days of bickering and postulating must come to a abrupt halt. Linux can be a viable solution for desktop users and the time is now to dismiss those who think that Linux is their personal play thing.

I personally believe that this alliance is going to have a far reaching effect on how Linux is perceived by Window users. By taking advantage of CNR [Click-n-Run] technology developed by Linspire, distributions that will be supported by CNR will make it extremely easy for users to update their software packages and hardware drivers. I remember the first time I used CNR and I was very impressed with how simple the procedure was and how it was even easier than updating Windows.

I look forward to April when this project will be ready to take off.

More information is available here.

And a Google will find a lot more about this joint effort as well.

Comments as always are welcome.

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Linspire – CNR To Be Offered To Other Distro's – For Free

I received a email newsletter from Linspire this AM which has announced they will be offering their CNR [Click-n-Run] installations for other distributions starting in the 2nd Quarter of 2007.

In my previous writings about Freespire, the free version of Linspire, I made mention that this was one the the best features I like about this distribution. That CNR makes it easy for anyone to install or uninstall thousands of different programs, all for free.

So which distributions will be supported?

“Both Debian and RPM distributions will be supported. During 2007, will be rolling out support for current versions of the following distributions (listed alphabetically):

• Debian
• Fedora
• Freespire
• Linspire
• OpenSUSE
• Ubuntu

Starting in 2008, other distributions will be added as demand warrants and resources are available.”

For additional information read the complete FAQ from Linspire can be viewed here .

And it’s going to be Free. :-)

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