Antivirus Vendors Shift to Automatic Fees

I have read elsewhere that most security software companies had adapted this policy under the guise of keeping their customers protected. But the unfortunate thing is that it makes it difficult for the consumer to opt out from using the vendors wares. Some of us like to have options. And some of us no longer pay fees for subscriptions and have discovered that free products are just as good.

Read about the free options that are available.

“Annual charges are typical and sometimes hard to stop.

It took Michael Kelly just minutes to buy McAfee’s software. But getting the antivirus vendor to stop charging his credit card was another matter altogether.

McAfee is on the vanguard of a new trend in the security software industry: selling software as a service that is automatically billed each year. McAfee began automatically renewing customers in 2001, but over the past year the practice has become much more common, as Symantec and Microsoft, with its new Windows Live OneCare Products, have adopted the automatic renewals.” [Source: PC World].

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Online Shoppers Await 'Cyber Monday

It should be interesting to see if this coming Monday fulfills, what is fondly referred to as Cyber Monday, the ambitions of online retailers. I know that where I live, Black Friday was a huge shot in the arm for retailers.

Just as retail shoppers are recovering from Black Friday, online shoppers are about to face Cyber Monday. Monday is the unofficial start of the online holiday shopping season when office workers fresh from their Thanksgiving break hit the online stores from the comfort of their workplaces. Contrary to what some believe, it’s not the biggest online shopping day of the year according to Kamran Pourzanjani President of “It’s a big day for shopping obviously but it’s not the busiest day. That doesn’t come for another couple of weeks.” Mr. Pourzanjani said that activity on Pricegrabber on the day after thanksgiving was 30 percent higher than that day last year.

Traffic on Thursday was heavy enough to disrupt traffic on, and Disney online shopping sites. Internet servers, like brick and mortar stores, are designed to handle a certain capacity and if they’re overwhelmed, they can slow down or even shut down. If there is a surge of traffic on Monday and sites don’t prepare, we could see more outages if they become overwhelmed.”

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