I’ve been doing freelance work for most of my professional life, and as is the case with almost everything, there are definitely benefits and drawbacks to doing work in this way. Of course, the good must be outweighing the bad because I’m still sticking with it. One of the things that I dislike the most about working for myself is billing clients because your job isn’t done once you send them an invoice. After that you’ll still have to keep track of the invoices and make sure your payments are arriving on time. Many of the invoicing solutions that are available are way too complicated for someone with simple needs like myself, and that’s why I like CurdBee.

By using CurdBee, you’re able to send invoices to your clients, manage the status of the payments, and even accept payments through Google Checkout and PayPal. The invoices can be customized to match your company, and a list of ten international currencies are available for you to choose from when you bill your clients. If you can get past the fact that the Web site doesn’t contain hardly any information then you should be fine.