Cyberbullying Can Happen at Work

Cyberbullying Can Happen at WorkWe are all familiar with the unfortunate fact that children, teens, and young adults have been known to treat their peers nastily in voice and actions. Known to us as bullying, this age-old problem has surfaced on social networking sites and now a new survey seems to indicate that cyberbullying has extended into the workplace. What is really surprising is that a survey in the UK seems to indicate that over 80% of those in the workplace who participated in the survey have indicated that they have been the victim of cyberbullying.

The survey takers also discovered that bullying at work was on par with what kids and young teens experience in school, including being gossiped about, ignored, and even humiliated by peers. One of the latest examples of how this can happen is what occurred recently at Apple. Allegations are that the now deposed head of software who developed the non-Google Maps for the iPhone was one of those who could be described as a bully.

Bullying is no longer limited to just emails or posting on social networking sites. Bullying can also take the form of text messages to the individual’s phone, comments posted on blogs, the sharing of manipulated images of the person being harassed, or other offensive comments posted directly on the comments section of websites.

Here are some tips I would recommend that you take to curb cyberbullying at work that may actually help you.

  • You must recognize the situation as actual harassment before you can proceed.
  • The perpetrator is usually insecure in their needs and they may have been bullied themselves at one time.
  • Do not respond to the perpetrator. This may give them the satisfaction they seek to know you are miserable and their efforts are working.
  • Make a copy of the message, photograph, video, or anything else the perpetrator is sending to you.
  • Seek the assistance of your supervisor and advise them of what is happening.

In the workplace, employers should have written policies in place that prevent employees from being bullied, whether online, in the office, or anywhere in the workplace. Without a written policy, the employer can suffer from a lack of employee morale, lack of production, and also subject themselves to a possible lawsuit by not taking proper action immediately.

For anyone who reads this and who has been the victim of bullying in the workplace or knows of an incident in which someone else was bullied, share your solutions with us.

I strongly dislike bullies no matter where the bully practices his trade and would hope that you would be part of the solution to stop bullies in their tracks.

Comments are welcome.

Source: Discovery News

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