Should Punxsutawney Phil Be Replaced By A Robotic Groundhog?

The lunacy in our country continues as the group PETA wants to have Punxsutawney Phil replaced by a robotic groundhog. The group seems to feel that exploiting the rodent should cease and that Phil needs to retire in style. In his place the group wants to have a robotic groundhog do the annual predictions on whether winter will continue for another six weeks or not.

One of the Hollywood blogs states that:

Gemma Vaughan, PETA’s animals in entertainment specialist (really) fired off a letter to Punxsutawney Groundhog Club president William Deeley this week, imploring the organization to forgo the use of real rodents in future Groundhog Days.

Deeley responded in a statement to the Associated Press that the world-famous groundhog is “being treated better than the average child in Pennsylvania.”

Furthermore, Phil’s treatment conforms to the standards of the state’s agriculture department, which visits him at the town’s Groundhog Museum annually.

These people need to find a real cause. I don’t think Phil is being mistreated and as stated is most likely being well taken care of. Plus it is a tradition. What next? Dump the 4th of July celebrations because the powder used in fireworks pollutes the air?

Get real people. Go out and save those poor people in Haiti and leave the groundhog alone!

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On This Thanksgiving Day What Do You Have To Be Thankful For?

I am writing this the day before Thanksgiving Day and wanted to share some thoughts with all of you who read this. First off, since some of you may not be familiar with Thanksgiving Day here in the U.S., it is a day in which we celebrate with family. The celebration is to give thanks for the things we have in life, whether it be good health, or wealth or whatever else that we are thankful for.

The origins is in myth that the Pilgrims broke bread with the Indians when the Pilgrims arrived in the new world. The myth also has it that the Indians shared turkey with the Pilgrims, so usually a bird is cooked on Thanksgiving Day. My husband and I are having all of our children and grandchildren into out home this holiday and yes, we are cooking the traditional turkey.

As I reflect back this past year, I am thankful that our family has been in good health. No one in our family has lost their jobs and all are able to put food on the table. We celebrate that our grand children will learn the values of our family including our belief in God and our Lord, Jesus Christ. We thank Him for being with us always and in his guidance as we make our way through life.

These are the things I am truly thankful for.

What about you? What are you thankful for?

Circuit City To Shutter On March 8th, 2009

Hurry on down to your local Circuit City store before they close on March 8th, 2009. This is the latest in rumors from the Consumerist that may have seen an internal memo stating the closing date. It seems that the liquidation has gone smoothly and quicker than anticipated. So the new date may be in just 3 days.

I went to CC on Saturday where I live and the place was pretty bare. There was a smattering of DVD’s and some games but what stood out was that even the shelving was for sale. I was just window shopping so I didn’t stay long because I wasn’t in the market to buy.

You men know what I mean. When we walk into a store we have a specific purchase on our mind. Let’s say it is socks. We will walk by all of the sale items, immediately go to the sock aisle, pickup a pair and go immediately to the check out counter. We don’t browse, we just buy. LOL. I have always said that if the economy depended on men to buy stuff we would be in a real depression.

So if you want to get that last minute deal at CC, you better hurry on down.

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Cuil – Bad Day For The New Kid

This morning I wrote about the new search engine, Cuil, after which it appeared that the new kid on the block suffered some massive growing pains. Servers were overloaded and the system went down briefly. What was even more embarrassing was a news story on CNN.

They were trying to show the attributes of Cuil, and were having problems. When they entered in the name George Washington, they received a nothing found message. Not a good thing for the folks at Cuil. Though growing pains are to be expected, it was not the best way to try to show your stuff. Especially since Cuil was being compared to Google.

I don’t the folks at Google have anything to fear. In fact I bet they really enjoyed the day. :-)

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Firefox 3 Download Day 2008 – Don't Do It!

I have been using Firefox before many of you found it fashionable to jump on board. I have used every version of the now popular browser, having suffered through more bugs and fixes than I care to recall. I am a Firefox loyalist and will be so until the software is pried away from my dying hands. But I find it hard to jump on the Download Day 2008, in which Firefox 3 is trying to set a download record. My questions is why?

Is there some underlying reason that the folks at Mozilla believe that setting a download record is going to bring millions of converts to Firefox 3? How about this. Can Mozilla guarantee that there will be sufficient servers available to handle millions of download requests at once? Is this going to be another one of those frustrating experiences when people can’t connect to the servers and their request is rejected?

IMHO I believe that trying a scheme such as this is going to either frustrate downloaders or suck more bandwidth slowing down the entire system, which could have undesirable consequences.

But what do you think? Is this a good idea or a time and bandwidth waster?

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Software Freedom Day Is September 15, 2007

Software Freedom Day kicks off on September 15, 2007. The purpose of the celebration is to bring public attention to the benefits of free software compared to their commercial counterparts. On their website they state the following:

We need to look beyond the currently dominant business practices to determine which products we should have and teach in our schools, and we need to educate our children instead of training them. The very first version of MS Office was released in 1989, and now millions of professionals — who were already out of school then — use it every day. There is no reason not to teach using up-and-coming technologies such as Open Office, which may well dominate the professional world of the future. (The state government of Massachusetts, for example, is committed to migrating by January, 2007 to the document format used by Open Office.) Such a shift in focus from MS Office to Open Office, which is free, can save the district thousands of dollars which can then be put toward obtaining more computers and equipment or personnel. Even if the district doesn’t want to incorporate Open Office in the curriculum at this point, at least computers without MS Office should be supplied with Open Office (fast computers) or the Abi office tools (Abiword and others) to increase access to productivity applications.

MS Windows carries with it a requirement for fast, new hardware. Linux, an alternative operating system, does not carry this same overhead and can therefore be used to resurrect very old hardware and provide much greater amounts of high quality, as-good-as-new computing resources to students and teachers. In particular, thousands of organizations around the world are using the Linux Terminal Server Project (LTSP) to accomplish this goal. (Some of these organizations are on the map at In many cases these organizations are able to make use of “old”, donated computers from businesses, and these machines (whose hard disks can be removed) are put directly into use and into the hands of the people who need them. The maintenance overhead of an LTSP network is miniscule per workstation in comparison to a regular network because the clients can easily have no moving parts whatsoever, so hardware failures are rare. In addition, all the software lives on the LTSP server, so software installation and updates are completely centralized. All of this software is free.

More information can be found on the Software Freedom Day website linked below. You can also volunteer your time to spreading the word about free software if you wish.
Software Freedom Day site is here.

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