What Do You Do When Someone Is Buried In The Grave You Have Previously Paid For?

When her husband of 22 years died some 26 years ago, the widow bought the plot next to his. She wanted to spend eternity next to her late husband until upon visiting the cemetery, she found her grave being occupied. It seems that the new owners of the cemetery had sold the same plot of land twice, leaving the widow to make some mind challenging and emotional decisions.

Here is what the widow must decide:

Dignity, the company which owns the cemetery confirms Lillas’ plot was double sold, but they insist it happened in the eighties, well before they took over the cemetery. Lillas says they suggested digging up Durwood and moving him. She doesn’t want to do that.

“This has been terribly hard because I don’t want my children to see this dug up because they’d be damaged,” said Lillas.

The cemetery management told her that digging up the woman buried in her spot isn’t an option. They suggested Lillas be buried in the same plot above Durwood.

“I said I was never going to be on top of Durwood’s grave. He was very against that,” said Lillas.

Dignity tells us in a statement:

“We are deeply sorry for any distress this situation has caused the Hawkins family. We are doing everything we can to resolve the issue to the Hawkins family’s satisfaction.”

The widow is meeting with the officials at the cemetery next week to see if the situation can be resolved to everyone’s satisfaction.

What would you do if this happened to you or your family?

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Source – CBS 13 Sacramento Local News

Rent A Casket Instead Of Buying – Your Loved One Will Never Know!

During my morning surfing, I found a Web site that had recommendations on how to save a few bucks by renting instead of buying. Most of us have done this before — like renting a DVD movie instead of buying one. In fact, I haven’t bought a DVD or VHS movie in over 10+ years. It is cheaper to rent the movie if you want to view it or now you can just can stream it from Netflix.

But one of the recommendations was to rent a fancy casket instead of buying one. On the site it stated:

Rent a Casket

OK, this one may seem excessively creepy at first, but consider funeral costs today.

The average price of a casket alone is $2,000 and can run upwards of $10,000 for a really nice one. Rather than spending that kind of money, rent a casket for the service at a few hundred bucks and later transfer the departed into something more economical for burial. They’re not going to know the difference, anyway.

I have always believed that dying is just another part of life and should not be feared. My wife and I have already paid for a service in which we will be cremated and our ashed put into a urn. I have already confirmed a spot for both of us at out local veterans cemetery. Morbid? I think not. I believe it is just being responsible.

Several years ago I went to a funeral of one of my relatives. The casket was beautifully crafted and reminded me of a fine piece of art. In addition the family had selected the casket be placed into a mausoleum. The total cost of the entire shindig was about $25k.

A few of the other recommendations were to rent power tools and text books instead of buying.

Comments, opinions, and recommendations are welcome.

Source – BudgetsAreSexy