Dell's New Premium Service Coming Soon

One would think that Dell would of shouted this from the roof tops, but they have chose to simply put out a news release on their new Premium Support Service. In seems the once #1 computer company, has listened to customers and is going to provide ‘old fashioned’ technical support once again. You remember the old Dell technical support? Support people that actually would solve your problem and who spoke English.

On their site Dell says:

To further enhance a great customer experience, Dell today announced forthcoming expansion of its consumer services offerings aimed at delighting customers and helping them get more out of their digital lifestyle.

Dell’s new premium support service is to provide a dedicated team of technical professionals which customers can contact directly for support of any Dell-branded product. This new fee-based offering is designed specifically for those customers who want to engage with the same dedicated team each time they have an issue with any of their in-warranty Dell-branded products.

The premium service offer provides household support by an advanced support team in North America for one year. The technicians are empowered to address a comprehensive range of issues across the breadth of Dell’s product line.

“Our commitment to a great customer experience has never been stronger,” said Ray Roman, vice president Dell global consumer services and support. . “This premium service is all about making the tech support experience more personal; users who want high-touch support can now receive it. We’re excited to bring them to the market.”

In the future Dell is looking to expand this type of service to retail customers as well those who purchase Dell products online.

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Full Dell article is here.

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