Microsoft VP Says Google OS Is Defensive Only

Over at Deals and More [VentureBeat]  they have an article in which a Microsoft VP was interviewed and he expressed his views on the new Google operating system. According to Walid Abu-Hadba who is the Vice President of Developer and Platform Evangelism [ that’s the real title folks – sounds more like a church gathering], he stated that everything that Google does is ‘defensive’.

In his opinion he stated that:

“Most of what Google does is defensive,” Abu-Hadba said.

You may be wondering how Google can be playing defense when it’s entering a market for the first time, but Abu-Hadba said it’s not about operating systems at all; instead, Google is trying to distract competitors from attacking its cash cow, search. He argued that whenever Google enters a new market, like releasing mobile operating system Android, it’s trying to force competitors to focus on existing products, rather than challenging Google in search.

He also gave his opinion about Adobe:

You could argue that Microsoft itself is making a similar move with Silverlight, which is taking on Adobe’s more established Flash platform. Not surprisingly, Abu-Hadba describes things a bit differently. It’s less about taking market share from Adobe, and more about improving Microsoft’s overall platform for the development of software, he said. And as for Adobe, Abu-Hadba said the company’s past focus on designers makes it poorly equipped to compete as a development platform. In fact, he predicted that, in 10 or 15 years, Adobe will have either died or transformed dramatically.

“They don’t know how to deal with developers,” he said.

Interesting take. One that should raise a few eyebrows.

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Microsoft story is here.