Tasmanian Devils Face The Possibility Of Extinction

I remember seeing Tasmanian devils in the old Looney Toon cartoons, but always thought that there was no such critter. If you recall the old cartoons the Tasmanian Devil was a animal that would spin at a high rate of speed destroying everything in its path. So when I read that the Tasmanian Devils were facing extinction, I stopped to read an article that describes their plight.

The article stated that:

In real life, the carnivorous marsupials are facing a deadly and mysterious disease that has been decimating their numbers since it was first reported in 1996.

In the wild, the Tasmanian devil – the largest marsupial carnivore alive – has lost about 60 percent of its population in just the last decade. Experts say that without intervention, the disease could wipe them out within 50 years.

The tumors on a Tasmanian Devil looks like this:

Has anyone seen a real live Tasmanian Devil? Are they as ferocious as the cartoons would have us believe?

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Elkhart, IN Hit Hard By Recession

I was born and raised in Elkhart, IN, and I still have family and many friends who live there. Last night I spoke with my niece and she was telling me how hard Elkhart had been hit by the recession and how many people had lost their jobs. I guess like many of us, the recession is something we see on the nightly news, but depending on where you live the effects are extremely different.

Here in Springfield, Missouri we have been blessed in that the effects of the recession are fairly mild. Yes, people have lost their jobs. Yes, businesses have closed. Yes. I know people who have lost their jobs. But overall the area where we live is still vibrant and hopeful of a quick recovery.

This morning CNN featured Elhart, IN and interviewed the towns mayor. He is reporting that, in Elkhart county, some 35,000 people are out of work, which represents an unemployment rate of 18.3%. The mayor was standing in front of trucks that were bringing in donated food to those in need.

Elkhart is not in a recession. Elkhart is in a deep depression.

I certainly hope that all of the bankers and mortgage companies who got our country and the world into this mess are proud of themselves. I am sure their parents must be happy that they were able to raise crooks whose greedy ways have affected us all.

As a Christian and a follower of our Lord Jesus Christ, I must accept these people as being children of God. But Lord, you sure make this a difficult task when so few can cause so many to suffer in the name of their own greed. This does serve as proof that evil surrounds us all and that the devil is always trying to convert news souls to do his bidding.