Apple Store Won’t Take Cash For iPad Purchases – No Gift Cards, Either

In a strange but true story, Diane Campbell went to buy an iPad at her local Apple store, but was turned away. She was informed that the store only would take a credit or debit card for those purchasing an iPad. Diane, who is disabled and on a fixed income, had saved up the cash to make the purchase, since she does not have a credit card nor a debit card. When she was turned down, she contacted KGO-TV and ask the station to investigate why she could not purchase an Apple iPad for cash.

In a reported story it states that:

“It took quite a long time for me to just save up this small amount of money to go down and purchase one,” she said. “I had my cash in the backpack and I went up proudly to the counter and told them, ‘I would like to purchase an iPad.'”

She was at the Apple store in Palo Alto, about to pull out the big wad of cash and take home her first computer. Instead, she received a terrible blow.

“They said, ‘Sorry, we don’t take cash.’ And, so I looked at her and I said OK she’s kidding,” Campbell recalled.

However, the clerk was not kidding. The Apple sales policy says if you want an iPad, you must pay by credit card or debit card. Diane didn’t have any plastic and amazingly her cash was useless.

Apple did not respond to a 7 On Your Side request for an explanation of the policy, however, the store clerk told Campbell it was to prevent con artists from buying lots of iPads selling them overseas.

“They heard of people buying 50 and 100 iPads at a time and going overseas and selling them triple the amount, Campbell said.

“Come on Mr. Jobs, give a sister a break, okay,” she says. “I’m not going to go sell my iPad.”

Talk about a PR disaster. Instead of allowing Diane to buy an Apple iPad, Jobs should give her one. If not, I think Diane should should sue the company for discrimination against the handicapped!

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