Weight Loss Information

You care about the health of your computer, but what about your own body’s health? Remember a few months ago when I reported that I had gained ~30 pounds, pushing my 145-pound frame to somewhere in the 170s? I’m happy to report that all of my excess weight has been lost (or, at least, I’ve met my target weight goal). Back then, I guessed that other geeks in the Lockergnome universe were probably in the same boat as I was – overweight and unhappy about it. I outlined my plans and executed them successfully. Today, I want to share with you a few of the tips that led me from 175 to 145. I’ve published a list of 50 weight loss tips to my personal blog, but will present the first 25 tips online here…

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Making a Weight Loss eBook

Making a Weight Loss eBook

What the heck is this Windows fanatic doing – writing about losing weight? That makes no sense, as everybody in Gnomeland is in peak condition (and he’s the only one who could stand to lose a few pounds). Assuming the preceding statement is false, I’m going to move forward with sharing my weight loss experiences with everyone – as enough inspiration has already been spread through our little discussion list. In total, I’d guess that some of us have already lost a combined weight of 20lbs in the past week or so. I wish I could’ve lost twenty in the past week on my own, but that would have been entirely unhealthy to do. Regardless, I think there’s strength in numbers – which is causing me to formulate an idea that could benefit the lot of us.

Wanna share your weight loss / maintenance / health secrets with the rest of us? Tips and tricks could be geeky or not! I’ll get the ball rolling with a few bulletpoints, and I’m hoping that you can do the same. If you can, send those tips in to me ASAP – preferably in a semi-organized list format. Tell us who you are, what you do, and why you do it. Let’s inspire each other to keep going forward! Be sure to include your name and URL if you’d like to have credit for the submission. When I’ve collected notes from about 50 of you, I’ll issue volume one of Lockergnome’s Guide to Losing Weight. At the end of the day, we’ll have a small compendium of tips that might just help another Gnomie find his or her way to a happier body. Here are a few of my favorite geeky weight loss tips:
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