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Intel has introduced their 2 core Celeron dubbed E1200 which is pegged at 1.6 GHz in processing speed. Over at Tiger Direct News that are touting the new processor as being ideal for low end systems since they are pricing the CPU at about $50.00, which is a bargain. They describe the new processor as:

As far as technology is concerned, state-of-the-art devices and gadgets always start out with a price that is a tad out of reach for the mainstream market. Because of this, it usually takes a while for people to fully adopt these new technologies. When a certain adoption point is reached however, manufacturers can then afford to offer more affordable choices. The same phenomenon happens in the ultra-competitive processor business. Dual-core processors used just for the privileged. But today, with the release of the Intel Celeron E1200, users on a budget now have a dual-core processor solution for tackling their multi-tasking computing needs.

The Intel Celeron E1200 is potentially the most affordable choice for PC users who have been meaning to jump onto the dual-core bandwagon, but did not have the budget to do so. Dual-core processors are slowly becoming the standard for daily computing as modern applications become more demanding and as we reorient our computing habits from simple computing to more complex multi-tasking. Multi-tasking is highly stressful for ill-equipped PCs, and without a dual-core processor such as the Intel Celeron E1200, multi-tasking just would not be as smooth, or even impossible in the case of older processors. The Intel Celeron E1200 offers dual-core capabilities and a price tag that won’t burn a hole through your pocket.

It would appear that with this new chip Intel will keep the pressure on AMD to try and match a 2 core at a cheap price.

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