Harvesting Emails With Social Media

There should be an image here!Spam is something that I think we are all familiar with to some degree. But with email spam filters becoming more effective all of the time, this has left some unsavory types looking for alternative ways to spam people with unwanted junk.

While comment spam on blogs specifically continues to be a problem, at this stage it is more of an annoyance than something to be overly concerned about. That said, the spam talked about in this article is what has me greatly concerned.

To make matters worse, legitimate Web 2.0 tools such as LinkedIn (amongst others) often ask you the complete login for your Web-based email account. And oddly enough, most of us supply our usernames and passwords for our Web-based email accounts without even blinking. But considering what took place in the above linked article, it sort of puts stuff into perspective, doesn’t it?

My thinking is that we are entirely too giving of our personal information, especially with Web-based services we know very little about. I know that, speaking for myself, I will certainly be a lot more careful about allowing my email accounts to be used as a quickie means of adding contacts to my favorite social Web services. Because not taking some precautions just opens me up to becoming a contributor to spam later with an easy email harvest.