Unless you enjoy inflicting pain on yourself, it’s never fun to have to keep track of expenses for business or personal reasons. We all enjoy having and spending money to some extent, but when you actually keep track of the hard numbers, the process of spending money isn’t nearly as fun as it usually is. One of the biggest problems with expense tracking is that it can sometimes be hard to remember and record any expenses that you’ve incurred over a period of time, and that’s why it makes more sense to record them as soon as they’re incurred by using a service like Xpenser.

There are a variety of ways in which you can record your expenses with Xpenser, and these include e-mail, SMS, IM, and even your voice through a phone call. These methods give you the flexibility to stay on top of your expenses in whatever way works best and is most convenient for you. Once recorded, you can then manage your expenses online and view your compiled reports in order to see what the damage is.

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