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Ever since podcasting hit the mainstream, audio has become more important on the Internet than ever before. Text used to be the format of the Web, but images, sounds, and videos are prevalent now. While it may be much easier to scan through and digest text, I’d still rather actually hear from someone than read what they have to say, and with the widespread increase in broadband availability and the advancement of tools on the Internet, this is usually no problem at all. Nothing evokes a response quite like audio, and with Evoca, you, your audience, and everyone else can make their voices heard.

A free account with Evoca gives you sixty minutes of recording time, and you can record what you have to say by phone, through your browser, or by uploading a previously made recording. In addition, users also have the ability to record conference calls and take advantage of hosted Virtual Voicemail. Just like with other online services, adding these recordings to your Web site is as easy as copying and pasting some HTML code. One of the coolest features of Evoca is the EvocaMic, which allows your visitors to leave you a voice comment straight from their browser without needing to create an Evoca account. If interested, you can even charge people a fee to listen to what you’ve recorded. There’s a way to monetize your ramblings. Interested in video? Check out Eyejot.

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