Why Blogging Still Matters And Why Comments Are Important

It was in September of 2006 that I started blogging here at Lockergnome and I must admit that it has been a great experience. But what makes any blog worthwhile is having the ability to share one’s thoughts and experiences with people from all over the world and to read their comments. It is the readers’ comments that I believe makes blogging worth the effort.

A few days ago I read this from one blogger that says it best:

I’m incredibly privileged and fortunate. I can put a post up on my blog and some number of people who are smart and thoughtful will take it seriously and respond. That’s unbelievable. That’s the greatest thing in the world.

If I spend an hour writing a couple hundred words about a really interesting challenge that we face as an industry, as a society, as a culture, sometimes I’ll get the person that I’m writing about to respond. I could write something about Twitter and get somebody that works at Twitter to respond, or write something about government and get someone who makes policy to respond. That’s still a thrill. It also kicks off really meaningful conversations. I think that’s all you can hope for.

That was the promise we had when we all first discovered the web. Someday it would bring us all together and we’d be able to have these conversations. It’s not perfect. It’s not ideal. But in some small way here’s somebody like me — with no portfolio, I didn’t go to an Ivy League school, I didn’t have any fancy social connections when I started my blog — and it has opened the door to me having a conversation as a peer, as somebody taken seriously, in realms that I would have never otherwise had access to. That’s the greatest privilege in the world.

I could not have said it any better. It is an honor and a privilege to come into a reader’s life and to listen to what they have to say.

Thanks to all of you who stop by and take the time to share your opinion.

Comments welcome.

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PS My wife is doing better and hopefully will be coming home soon.

Need To Build A Web Site? This Free eBook Can Help

The art of building a web site is not an easy task, but this free ebook can help you to create one. With step by step instructions and simple to understand directions, you will be able to build a site you can be proud of.  The book takes the reader on a journey through the  maze of terminologies that the reader will need to understand.

The ebook is described as:

“The Web Book is written for people with an interest in creating web sites. Whether you want a couple of pages for your personal site, or perhaps a site for your school, college or club, this book will tell you what you need to know. If you want a full-blown site for your small company, perhaps with added features such as a customer mailing list or a picture gallery, you’ve come to the right place. I’ve tried my hardest to keep everything non-technical. If you’re “into” computers, you should be able to follow.

Unlike many books on the subject that were written some years ago, The Web Book teaches you up-to-date methods. Follow the instructions here and you can be confident that you’re doing things in the right way, rather than using old-fashioned techniques that are now frowned upon…”

The author also states that this book will help those that are computer newbies, more than it will assist those who are advanced users. I took a quick glance through the book and I concur. But for those who have never build a web site before, this book is perfect for you. The fundamentals are provided and you can use this ebook to build your first site with ease.

Take a look at the link below and download the ebook for free in .pdf format.

Comments welcome.

Source – Free ebook is here.

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Put Your Hands Toegther And Clap – Apple Finally Drops ‘I’m A Mac’ Ads

The PR people at Apple may finally have stumbled on something the rest of us already knew. Those ‘I’m A Mac’ ads did little to convert PC users over to using the Mac. In fact, if anything happened, I believe they actually cemented us PC users who knew the real truth. The PC is just as good, if not better, than anything Apple produces. Plus the PC is priced right and consumers are not being gouged.

[Ron runs for cover as the Apple crowd starts to throw bricks at his head, LOL]

On a serious note, did anyone dump their PC for a Mac because of these ads? Let us know.

Comments welcome.


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Who Wants To Be A Lockergnome Blogging Super Star?

Yesterday in an email messages from Chris, he provided a link to a web site called ‘copyblogger’. Having read books on blogging, as well as visiting web sites that claim to have secret information on being an effective blogger, I wasn’t expecting any earth shattering information. Wrong!

What I liked about the information was that it was concise, easy to understand and used proven techniques to make us all better bloggers. Some of the articles I enjoyed reading were:

  1. Don’t Read This or the Kitty Gets It!
  2. To Be or Not To Be?
  3. How to Write Headlines That Work
  4. Why Writing Headlines Deserves a Second Installment
  5. The Structure of Persuasive Copy
  6. Now Featuring Benefits!
  7. “Kids Eat Free” and Other Irresistible Offers
  8. This Article Rocks. . . I Guarantee It!
  9. The Long and Short of Copywriting
  10. The #1 Secret to Great Copy Is. . .

So what are you waiting for? Get on over to ‘copyblogger’ and improve your blogging skills.

Comments welcome.

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