How to Block FarmVille on Facebook

If you’re not a fan of FarmVille (like I am), but still get those annoying messages from friends inviting you to the game, I’ve got the quick solution for you. FarmVille is one of the most popular games on the Facebook platform and it addicts so many people that it is hard to stop once you start. The game is played by the young and old, but that doesn’t mean it’s for everyone.

The game takes advantage of its users by optionally advertising itself and sending out news feed updates to your friends whenever a milestone is reached in the game with your farm or character. If you have lots of friends playing FarmVille, the updates can start to flood your news feed and clutter it up.

To get rid of these pesky invites and updates once and for all, we have a method of hiding those updates and notifications without hurting your friends.

Hiding FarmVille News Feed Updates

Removing FarmVille news feed updates is simple. Any time you see an update for FarmVille in your news feed, hover your mouse cursor to the right of the update and click the “Hide” button that will appear. Once you click on it, you will be given the option to either hide that friend or just the FarmVille app. Since you probably don’t want to block your friend’s updates, click “Hide FarmVille.” This, in turn, will hide all FarmVille news feed posts from any friends who you have playing the game.

Blocking FarmVille Notifications

The most harassing thing the game can do to you is send you notification after notification, inviting you to join FarmVille from your friends. For those who have expressed their disinterest in the game yet still get the invites, it can be really infuriating. Now, the easiest was of taking care of this problem is clicking the “x” next to the notification to block the FarmVille application.

If you haven’t gotten any notifications yet, but want to preemptively block them, just search for FarmVille using the Facebook search bar. Go to the application’s bar, and look for the button that says “Block Application” that is on the bottom of the left-hand side.

Clicking this button will prevent FarmVille from ever accessing your information or sending you notification to join the game, but this won’t block friend updates; you will have to refer to the above to block those.

CityVille Becomes Biggest Facebook Application

The popular Facebook game developer Zynga, who developed FarmVille has come back with another huge hit. In less than a month of its release, Zynga’s latest game, CityVille has become the most popular application in Facebook. Shooting quickly up the charts, CityVille overtook FarmVille as the number one application.

According to application tracking site, AppData, CityVille now has around 16.8 million daily active users, compared to FarmVille’s 16.4 million. FarmVille is also trailing behind with monthly active users, Farmvile trailing behind CityVille 56.8 million to 61.7 million.

Looking at the top five applications, Zynga holds four of the top five spots in applications, with Zynga’s FrontierVille and HoldEm Poker taking up the 4th and 5th spot on the list. Over looking the users that all four of those games bring in, that amounts to just over 184 million active users. The only application left in the top five list is Phrases, which at one point almost took the number one spot. Unfortunately, with both CityVille and FarmVille taking the top spots that won’t be happening anytime soon.

Facebook Gift Cards Go On Sale At Target Stores To Buy Virtual Goods

I must admit that I was surprised when I read that consumers will be spending just about $1.6 billion on virtual goods this year.  Of that amount just about $865 million will be spent on social networking sites. Target will start to offer Facebook gift cards in amounts of  $5, $25 and $50 starting this Sunday. The gift cards can be used by the purchaser or given as a gift to anyone.

In addition a recent article states that:

In addition to Zynga’s “FarmVille” and “Mafia Wars,” the virtual credits can be used in games such as Playdom’s “City of Wonder” and PlayFish’s “EA Sports FIFA Superstars.” Facebook in the past several months has been signing long-term deals with game makers such as Zynga and RockYou to use its virtual credits.

So what do you think? Will being able to buy gift cards from Target make your virtual purchases easier?

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Source – SJ Mercury News

Divorce Lawyers Love Using Facebook Entries As Evidence

Last week I made comment about why we should watch what we post online, but now there is further evidence how such posts can come back to haunt us. Divorce attorneys use online social networking entries as evidence in divorce cases. Some of what people have posted come back to haunt them when they go to court. In a recent news article it stated some of these gaffs made by husbands and wife’s that were used against them:

  • Husband goes on and declares his single, childless status while seeking primary custody of said nonexistent children.
  • Father seeks custody of the kids, claiming (among other things) that his ex-wife never attends the events of their young ones. Subpoenaed evidence from the gaming site World of Warcraft tracks her there with her boyfriend at the precise time she was supposed to be out with the children. Mom loves Facebook’s “FarmVille,” too, at all the wrong times.
  • Mom denies in court that she smokes marijuana but posts partying, pot-smoking photos of herself on Facebook.
  • While this type of evidence may be only used in about 1 out of 10 divorce cases, it is becoming more common for lawyers to check Facebook and other sites for evidence. It would be hard to disprove these facts when the person themselves post the information. The article also went on to state:

    Social networks are also ripe for divorce-related hate and smear campaigns among battling spousal camps, sometimes spawning legal cases of their own.

    “It’s all pretty good evidence,” Viken said. “You can’t really fake a page off of Facebook. The judges don’t really have any problems letting it in.”

    But here is the biggest mistake people can make:

    Grown-ups on a good day should know better than to post boozy, carousing or sexually explicit photos of themselves online, but in the middle of a contentious divorce? Ken Matthews recalls photos of a client’s partially naked estranged wife alongside pictures of their kids on Facebook. “He was hearing bizarre stories from his kids. Guys around the house all the time. Men running in and out. And there were these pictures,” Matthews said.

    I bet some people really regret being so dump. LOL

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