Should Grandfathers Be Allowed To Play In The NFL?

In recent years we have seen some fairly old players, those over 40, continue to play football because they think they are still young kids. But now we have one player who has just become a grandfather, which begs to ask the question, should grandfathers be allowed to play in the NFL? Of course I am just joking and wish to congratulate Brett Favre on his first grandchild.

The future hall-of-fame quarterback confirmed the news that his daughter Brittany Favre, 21, gave birth to a son on his official “for the love of the game” website.

“Parker Brett was born on Friday, April 2, weighing 7 lb. 7 oz. and we’re pleased to say that both Mom, Dad and Parker Brett are healthy and doing
great,” reads the statement.

So the real question is, will Brett finally hang up his cleats? I felt sorry for the guy during the Vikings loss to New Orleans during the playoffs last season. But did you notice that the pass he threw wasn’t even close to another Viking player? Same thing thing happened during the Super Bowl. Manning’s throw was so far off the mark I thought I had thrown the pass!

It brought back memories when Jerry Rice continued his career into his 40s, only to embarrass himself. Why would anyone who has blazed a glorious career wanted to stumble at the end of their careers and go down in a whimper?

It’s crazy if you ask me.

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