How many times on a daily basis do you see a chart of some sort? Whether you’re reading a newspaper, watching television, or sitting in a company meeting, a chart is sure to appear before your eyes in just a matter of time. I like charts because they present the big picture in a way that can be easily understood without having to hear or read a lengthy explanation involving facts and figures. Online interactive charts are even better in the sense that they enable you to visualize data in new and more extensive ways. A service called iCharts helps you build interactive charts that have an impact.

You provide the data for the charts by uploading Excel files or manually entering the figures. The charts are interactive in a number of ways, and you can look at some of the samples on the site to get an idea of what’s possible. Once your charts have been created, they can then be published on the iCharts Web site and embedded on the Internet wherever you’d like. Traditional charts are so passe.


Manipulating Those Sales Figures

A few weeks ago I read an article, somewhere on the Internet, that Microsoft has sold 10 million X-Box 360’s. The article also stated that neither Nintendo nor PS3 had reached this milestone. The facts are accurate. But what they don’t tell us is the entire story.

First of all Microsoft has been selling the X-Box 360 for about 1 year longer than the Nintendo Wii systems. The Nintendo Wii will hit the 10 million mark next month and surpass the X-Box 360 sales mark. The NPD sales group has compiled the sales number for the periods of March and April and reported these numbers:

More than 714,000 Wiis were sold during the four weeks of April 6 through May 3, and that followed 721,000 sold during the five weeks of March 2 through April 5. Just 188,000 Xbox 360s and a shade over 187,000 PS3s were sold in the mostly April period, down from 262,000 and 257,000, respectively, in March.

Bottom line. The Nintendo Wii outsells both the X-Box 360 and PS3 sales combined. Plus it does it quite handily. :-)

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Microsoft Vista Sales – Up or Down – You Decide

This morning I read that Bill Gates made at statement at CES [Consumer Electronics Show] in Las Vegas that Windows Vista has already sold 100 million copies. The reference was that this was 10% more than Windows XP had sold during it’s original first year launch. At first glance one would conclude that Windows Vista is a huge success and is garnering a huge market share. But is it really? Or are these numbers misleading?

Well according to one article that I read here this number can be interrupted another way.

According to Gartner however, worldwide shipments of PCs have almost doubled from 132.4 million units back in 2002 – where Windows XP was launched, to 255.7 million units last year.

So in theory that would mean that Windows XP had actually garnered about 67% of the new PC market when it was released whereas Windows Vista has only come up with about 39% of the new PC market.

So what do you think? Should we be amazed at this or should we even care?

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