Bill Gates – “most jobs in the private sector don’t really work on the important problems.”

Last Monday Bill Gates gave speeches at Stanford and U.C. Berkeley.In his speech at Stanford Mr. Gates spoke in the subject of giving back and the best way to make a difference. He was asked the question if  the best way of giving back was through the public and private sector and his reply was:

“most jobs in the private sector don’t really work on the important problems.”

Bill Gates seems to have a different attitude now that he is away from Microsoft, compared to when he was the head honcho for the mega software company. During his stint at Microsoft, one would guess that his priorities were to make as much money as possible, with little regard for the world around him. But now that he and his wife have formed the  Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, his priorities have changed drastically and I believe this change is for the better.

One could ask, why has Bill Gates made such a dramatic change in his attitude? I personally believe that Gates has seen the light. One could conclude that he has finally realized that making money does not bring happiness into ones life. I am sure that his wife Melinda has also been instrumental in orchestrating these changes and that giving is in fact better than receiving.

What ever the reasons, I believe we should applaud the efforts of the Bill and Melinda Foundation and their efforts to ease some of the suffering in the world.

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2007 Linux Desktop/Client Survey

The third annual desktop/client Linux survey is underway and if you use Linux, you may wish to join in. The purpose of the survey as stated on the Linux web site is:

The information from this survey will assist the Linux Foundation Desktop Linux workgroup to focus on areas of development that are important to you. The results of this survey may also be valuable to your business. Once you complete the survey, you will be able to view the current aggregated public results of the survey.

The 2007 Linux Desktop/Client Survey asks you to answer a few questions based on your company’s desktop/client plans and not necessarily your personal desktop usage.

If you provide contact information at the end of the survey, the survey results and analysis will be sent to you when the survey is complete. Note: contact information is not a required entry and your contact information will not be published or shared.

So if you are a Linux user and have a few spare moments, hop on over to the link below and take the survey. Your input will be appreciated by those who are trying to make Linux a better operating system.

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Linux survey link is here.

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Intel Joins Bill Clinton’s Global Initiative

Intel has joined with former President Bill Clinton and has committed over $300 million in resources to help teachers in the class room integrate technology to assist some 1.5 million students in over 15 countries. Intel released a press release which futher states that:

One of the best wayrs to help students develop the skills they need to succeed is to help their teachers teach them, Barrett said. With the launch of the new online Intel Teach course, teachers can learn how to integrate technology into their classrooms on their own time, and at their own pace. This commitment reflects Intels strong belief that teachers, much more than computers, are the real magic in the classroom.

The Intel Teach Program, the companys teacher professional development program, operates through active partnerships with national, regional and local governments. To fulfill the commitment Intel announced today, over the next 4 years the company will work with ministries of education in 15 countries. Along with the United States, these are Australia, Brazil, Chile, China, Egypt, France, India, Ireland, South Korea, Mexico, Russia, Saudi Arabia, Turkey and the United Kingdom. Intel will work with these and other government agencies to ensure that the online Intel Teach offerings are localized and aligned with national educational standards.

Intel Teach is widely regarded as the most successful professional training program of its kind. Recent independent research showed that 81 percent of teachers trained through the Intel Teach Program reported that student projects showed more in-depth understanding than other, comparable work. As additional recognition of its effectiveness, many governments have linked the training to teacher awards, policy changes and compensation. In one country, for example, teachers receive a 15 percent salary increase after completing the Intel Teach Program.

Hats off to Intel. This appears to be a worthy cause. Also to Bill Clinton for his involvement as well.

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Full press release is here.

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