Social networking is a simple idea, but it’s become so complicated. When social networking services first came on the scene, they were simple tools that connected us with other people, but the abundance of social networking services that we’re seeing today are trying to do everything that they possibly can, and in the process they’re overlooking their primary purpose. Fraced is a social network that brings us back to the basics. 

Most social networks are global, but Fraced highlights its worldwide appeal by placing member locations on a map. You can use this map to visually see the location of your social network. Other than that, the service is pretty simple. You’ll be able to send messages to your friends, share pictures, and maintain a blog. That’s online communication in its most basic form, but sometimes that’s all that we want and need. If the other more complicated social networks are driving you crazy, give Fraced a try and experience the benefits that come from streamlined communication.