The Number You Call For Technical Support Really Does Matter

When you call technical support or for information about any company, the number you call really does matter. For the past few months I have written articles about my experience with Straight Talk. Yet when I have needed support from Straight Talk, I have found that either email support for a simple problem, or calling its corporate office, resulted in better customer service than calling the standard technical support phone number. FYI – the Straight Talk corporate phone number is 800-876-5753.

I also discovered that when you call DIRECTV, if you call 800-531-500 and press 0 0 quickly, you can usually cut down on your wait time. I received this tip from a DIRECTV representative when I called before. It seems to work, but like any tip, your mileage may vary.

So if you can stand listening to music for countless minutes on end, or just sit holding a phone to your ear, how do you find the best number to call?

My first step is to do a Google and find out what others are using. You would be surprised at how many recommendations you will find.

There is another trick you can try. When you are prompted to push a number, do nothing. Remember those old rotary phones? The system may be fooled into thinking you have an oldie but a goodie and connect you to a real person. Remember, your mileage will vary depending on which company or business you call.

Give GETHUMAN [link below] a try. This website has a listing of phone numbers for a wide assortment of companies and businesses that others have found useful. They even offer a listing of phone numbers for some elusive companies like Google and Facebook.

What tips do you have? Share your experiences with us.

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Source – Gethuman

Looking For That Elusive Phone Number? Give Gethuman A Try

We have all wished for a better way to make contact with a real human being when we call a corporation or company. But most of us know that sometimes this is harder than it should be. Once we do find that secret number we than have to go through the phone maze of saying this or that, pressing a number here and there, only to find we are not where we should be. Over at they have a list of help features that may just get you to a human.

But this is not a 100% perfect magic bullet. The site is maned by volunteers who maintain the list but depend on other users to provide much of the information. I checked several phone numbers I was personally interested in and found some of the information interesting. Sometimes in order to get a real human being it may be best not to say anything nor push any buttons. This may help you get to a real person.

I had to laugh when I read about the phone number for Google. Google doesn’t seem to take very kindly to phone calls about anything. LOL

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Check out the gethuman web site here.