3D Realms Closing – Goodbye Duke Nukem

It is kind of like losing an old friend that is dear to your heart. That is how saying goodbye to Duke Nukem is going to be for some of us. The muscle bound character that entertained us through some unbelievable episodes may be heading for extinction now that 3D Realms has closed it’s doors.

I still recall Duke Nukem 3D that at the time was very controversial due to its strong language and violence. But it was ahead of it’s time and I enjoyed playing it. But as with all good things, this has also ended. According to a news article it states that:

A very reliable source close to Duke Nukem Forever developer 3D Realms today confirmed to Shacknews that the development studio has shut down.

The closure came about as a result of funding issues, our source explained, with the shut down said to affect both 3D Realms and the recently resurrected Apogee. Employees of both entities have already been let go.

Nuke Nukem will be missed. This morning some are reporting that Duke Nukem Forever project may still proceed. With the recession hitting everyone hard, this may or may not happen.

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