My Wife Is In The Hospital So I Won’t Be Posting

Yesterday I had my wife taken by ambulance to our local hospital. Preliminary examination in the ER indicated that her colon is twisted.

She was in unbelievable pain, which they were able to control with pain medication.

Today we are hopefully meeting with a surgeon to see what course of action he recommends.

Because of this, I’ll be at the hospital most of my waking hours and will not be posting until I get her home.

Your prayers are requested for her getting well.

CNN Uses Holographic Technology

Last evening when I was watching CNN for the election results and they did a rather interesting thing. While Anderson Cooper spoke they had a holographic image of and the two carried on a conversation. I also learned that Wolf Blitzer did another interview with CNN reporter Jessica Yellin before this. Both holograms came to the studio from Chicago.

Some are saying that this is totally unnecessary and was just bizarre. But personally I enjoyed it. It was something right out of the year 2020. :-)

What do you think? Bizarre or entertaining?

Comments welcome.