When you have a Web site that’s online and shared with the world, your hope is that people will find it and use it in the best way possible. If you didn’t want that to happen, then you wouldn’t have bothered with creating a site in the first place. If you’re going to spend all of that time, money, and energy on creating an online presence, then it only makes sense that you would want to know how your visitors are using your Web site. Surprisingly, there are a lot of people out there who remain clueless about these details. It’s a good thing Mouseflow is around to help us find out if our sites are on the right track or not.

This service offers premium accounts with more features, but the free version should be enough for any budding Web entrepreneur. By simply creating an account and including one line of code, you’ll be able to record the activity of visitors who visit your site to see how they interact with it, look at heat maps to find out where people are clicking, see how far down people scroll on the page, and much more. This data might just change how you view your site and your visitors.


If you’re someone who is responsible for a Web site, then it’s important for you to know how your visitors are using your site. Your job is to better optimize the content and layout of your Web site so that your visitors will enjoy their visit to your online property. If you don’t do any research in this area and make changes based on blind assumptions, then you could be hurting yourself without even knowing it. The problem with most traditional Web statistics tools is that while they may tell you where your visitors are from and where they’re going within your site, they don’t always tell you how people are actually using your Web site. Since you can’t sit behind every single one of your visitors and watch how they interact with your content, their mouse cursor is the next best thing that you can track, and ClickTale will give you the lowdown on what it’s doing.

By simply adding a piece of JavaScript code to your site, ClickTale will begin to record the activity of your visitors and enable you to watch movies that replay exactly what they did while they were visiting, and the heat maps provide even more specific data. As you can imagine, this is extremely valuable information that can help you to make good decisions as you continue to fine-tune your Web site.