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Everywhere you look today, the Internet is abuzz with news of the iPad. I’ve been attempting to do some work for hours now, yet I keep being interrupted by well-meaning people who all are demanding to know if I’m going to get one for myself or not. Yes – I am! Kat, however, is not. She adamantly states she doesn’t want one, and is tired of hearing about them already. I say she isn’t American, but that’s an argument for another day.

The funny thing is that several people in our chat room are “dying” to have an iPad for their very own. When someone asks them “Well, WHY do you want it so much?” many of them don’t even have an answer to that. Another example… Kat’s sister told her earlier that she “has to have” an iPad. When Kat asked her why, the answer was a simple “it’s new, it’s hot, and it looks great!” Her sister didn’t even know what things are included (and what is NOT included) on the device. She just knew she had to have one.

This happens every time an anticipated device is released. Everyone has to have one. Remember the lines for the iPhone? What I don’t understand is why so many people claim to need a device simply because it is new. Is it really that necessary to have what everyone else has? Doesn’t it matter whether or not a particular gadget will serve your needs properly? Have we truly lost site of what is important when it comes to buying electronics and computer equipment?

What have you read today that is NOT related to the iPad? There have actually been a lot of things posted in our community, dealing with all sorts of subjects that aren’t even remotely related to Apple or its announcement. Hopefully you’ve taken the time to check some of it out!

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It’s official! The Apple iPad is now a reality. What are your thoughts so far?

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Dell Has A Site For The Ladies – Della Anyone?

Dell appears to have a site that is designed to attract the ladies to their computers. The distinctive look of the site does have a flair, mainly in the colors and designs being offered, to attact the female consumer. But some are claiming that Dell is going to far in sterotyping woman. Some are saying that Dell thinks woman will buy computers for their color and disregard the computers specifications.

Here are some of the computers Della offers:

Dell Mini’s

Mini Accessories


So there you have it. But what do the ladies think?

Comments welcome.

Della site

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TechCrunch Wants Bloggers To Band Together To Stop Hype Cycle

Are bloggers the cause of the recent ‘Hype Cycle’ of information that is causing misinformation to take place?  Well according to a recent article over at TechCrunch they are asking that bloggers band together to stop the hype. They blame bloggers for the recent articles about Twitter failing as a prime example of hype gone wild. What struck me was that I had personally wrote about Twitter and if it would fail or not. But is this really just hype or is it a realistic look at one social networking web site that could be setting up itself up for failure?

The article states that:

And judging by the fact that some bloggers pronounced Twitter “done” the same week the company was featured on Oprah, it’s clear that hype cycle has spun ludicrously out of control.

Which makes me ask. If a business or company is featured on Oprah does this guarantee its success? Or if someone wrote an article 10 years ago featuring the demise of the American car companies, would this be hype or a rational assessment of why the car companies would fail sometime in the future? 

There’s an element to the hype cycle that reflects human nature. We get excited about technology and tend to overestimate what it can do in a year and underestimate what it can do in ten years. That’s not all bad: Being underestimated is why a lot of start-ups catch giant companies off guard.

But the blogosphere has turned an already frustrating hype cycle manic. The famous example was Cuil—a company lauded in the morning as a “Google Killer” and trashed before our first cups of coffee got cold. Not quite as extreme is what we’ve seen with the giants of Web 2.0: MySpace, Facebook and– believe it or not– the three-year-old Twitter.

Were bloggers not supposed to write about Cuil? Was it outside the box when bloggers shared their thoughts? Was it unfair to criticize Cuil and trash it when the hype subsided and we found that Cuil wasn’t as good as we first thought? What happened to Cuil anyway? Why wasn’t it a Google killer?

I personally believe that bloggers are beneficial to the Internet by providing different views of companies, businesses or technology. Is it hype when someone disagrees with another bloggers opinion? Should we all be sheep and not share our own opinions or thoughts?

Guess what, gang? Building a company is hard. No one gets every single thing right. Bloggers harping on each mistake are like the fat guy sitting in the bleachers at a baseball game berating a star player for not hitting a homerun in every at bat.

I was recently criticized for making comments about Windows 7 and how it basically was just Vista in sheep’s clothing.  Wait a minute. Since I am a Microsoft MVP and if I wrote about how wonderful Windows 7 will be I would be labeled a shill.

I believe I have a right to express my opinions about anything I wish. Whether some call it hype or not is their right as well. Let us not forget that opinions are like assholes. Everybody has one. LOL

Comments welcome. 

TechCrunch article

Is Cloud Computing A Trap?

There is an interesting article concerning cloud computing being a trap that should be avoided, since we would get locked into a system which takes away our ability to control. Richard Stallman takes it a step further calling cloud computing hype and just plain stupid. In the article he also mentions that:

But Richard Stallman, founder of the Free Software Foundation and creator of the computer operating system GNU, said that cloud computing was simply a trap aimed at forcing more people to buy into locked, proprietary systems that would cost them more and more over time.

“It’s stupidity. It’s worse than stupidity: it’s a marketing hype campaign,” he told The Guardian.

“Somebody is saying this is inevitable – and whenever you hear somebody saying that, it’s very likely to be a set of businesses campaigning to make it true.”

Mr. Stallman brings up some very valid points. Keeping information on your computer vs in the cloud is basically the way it has been done for ever. But it also doesn’t confront how the Internet has changed the way we use computers. Storing information on the Internet could in fact make it easier to access information when one is away from their system.

What do you think? Do you support cloud computing or are you sticking with the traditional way of doing things?


Will Hype Hinder Or Help Windows 7?

Back in 1986 Geraldo Rivera hosted a special that was broadcasted live from the Lexington Hotel, in Chicago, IL. This live broadcast was hyped to the point that the curiosity of America was brought into the hotel with an estimated 30 million viewers. The hype was all about a safe located in the basement which allegedly belonged to Al Capone. Rivera made outlandish statements of what could be located inside the safe, including that the safe could contain dead bodies inside. The hype was heightened since a medical examiner stood by, just in case a body was found and also agents from the IRS in case a hoard of cash was found.

Talk about excitement. The two hour special went past the allocated 2 hours, since there was some type of a problem getting the safe open. So there America sat eyes glued to the TV, waiting for the magic moment when the safe was open. Long story short, when the safe was opened it was empty except for some debris, which Rivera tried to turn into something out of nothing.

This kind of reminded me of what Happened to Microsoft with Vista. They hyped the new operating system way to much making us think we would be in a state of WOW!, when we were more like YAWN. :-) As more and more features were removed from the OS, our hope dwindled. So now Microsoft is trying, lamely I may add, to try and revise our opinion of Vista. Whether that will wok or not remains to be seen.

So what about Windows 7? Will hype help or hinder the new OS? Should Microsoft be cautious in what they reveal about the new OS?

Comments welcome.

Dual Core – Quad Core & Why You Gotta Have It Now!

I was at a clients house yesterday afternoon, transferring over information from an old system to a new one he had just purchased. While doing the backup -restore stuff, he asked an odd question. Should he of waited to get a quad core vs a dual core processor? I found it odd for the following reasons.

He mainly uses his system for very generic applications like checking email, surfing the net and an occasional letter or two. Once in awhile he transfers some photo’s from his digital camera over to his computer and posts them on the web to share with other family members. Oh, and he likes to play solitaire and also hearts on his system. That’s basically about it. So would his dual-core 3.0 Ghz processor be able to handle the load? Obviously the answer was yes and with power to spare.

So I asked him why he had even given any thought to getting a quad system, and he mentioned reading an article in one of the major PC mags that said quad was in. Which makes one wonder. Was this article done to promote the next greatest cpu from Intel or AMD to satisfy the average users needs? Or was it basically to increase the profit margin of these two companies?

It seems to me that once our computers hit 2.0Ghz and above, that except for some games that require a bunch of horsepower, that the average user was not going to benefit that much. I’m not talking about faster boot times nor how fast a program pops up on our screens. I’m talking about what the average computer user does. Email, surfing, letter writing and some Windows game playing.

So after I had transfered over all of his junk, this guy is a pack rat with 4500 files in my doc’s alone, a ton of saved emails for some unknown purpose,  I could see the look on his face that his shiny new system wasn’t much faster than his old box was. To which I could explain that Vista wasn’t as fast as XP, that with the amount of junk he has on his system is akin to lugging around a one ton anchor on a row boat or sharing other thoughts that buzzed through my mind. Instead I completed the task I being paid for, picked up my coins and left.

I  guess I gave up years ago trying to explain the simple facts about computing that no matter how much the hype states that the next generation of processing power is going to knock your socks off, that for people who only their systems sparingly, they may not see much of a difference. Don’t get me wrong. I appreciate the added horsepower that the new system bring to the table.

What do you think? For the average user is a dual or quad core going to add to their computing experience? Will it make their fingers type any faster?

Comments welcome.

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