Is Sexting A Real Problem Or Just Kids Being Kids?

Depending on who’s statistics you wish to cite, it appears that teens between the ages of 12 and 17 years old, about 15 to 30% have viewed nude photo’s in text messages. Though we can most likely all agree that this poses certain risks to some teens who pictures may be sent around the Internet, the question I would ask is that is this a real problem or just kids being kids?

According to a recent news article it states the following:

It’s not a surprising phenomenon, Ms. Lenhart and others say: The factors driving it – teenagers wrestling with sexuality and relationships and often using poor judgment – have been around far longer than cellphones or the Internet. But when those factors are combined with the far reach and permanence of today’s technology, it can be dangerous.

At least two teenagers committed suicide after sexts they sent were passed around widely and used to harass them. While those are the extreme, far more teens face risks of basic embarrassment, bullying, or regret when the images reach people who they’d prefer didn’t see them.

So as a parent what would you tell your child about sexting? This quote may help:

“I tell kids the five P’s,” Ms. Aftab says. “If you don’t want your parents, your principal, a predator, the police, or your potential coach, college recruiter, or boss to see it, don’t post it publicly.”

There is also this point that shows why teens are sexting:

Often, teens send sexts as an alternative to engaging in actual sex, Aftab says, and they rarely think about the consequences.

So what do you think? Is sexting as dangerous as some believe it is, or is it just kids doing what kids do?

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