On the Internet, we’re sometimes pushed a little too hard to network with other people and constantly spend time trying to keep up with them and impress them with what we’re doing at any given moment during the day. I don’t know about you, but this becomes exhausting for me, and that’s why you won’t find me posting every detail about what’s going on in my life to hundreds of different social networks. Instead of solely focusing on thousands of your “friends”, sometimes you just need to focus on yourself, and Inpowr encourages all of us to do that.

This site may be too much for some of you, but others will probably enjoy it, especially if they’re into self-improvement. Basically, the whole idea is that you rate your well-being in a variety of areas, and then you learn about what areas you can improve in. From there, you set specific goals that will help you to improve, and you keep track of how you’ve progressed over a period of time. You can connect with other people to learn and get support from, but once again, this is all about you and your life.