If you’re a freelancer or someone who owns and operates a small business, then you know that you can use all of the help that you can get. Working in this way can lead to many benefits, but there are also a lot of responsibilities and challenges that need to be dealt with. It would be great if you could just do your work, but all of the other things that you need to do (sales, accounting, etc.) just to do what you do best can feel like the biggest drain of your time, which is exactly why you need to hire Milton to help you in some of these areas.

Milton is an online service that will get you organized in several ways. When you login to your account, you’ll see what needs to be done, and from there you can manage your contacts (social networking integration keeps you updated about their activity), develop proposals, track projects, create and track invoices, and look at reports to see how your business is doing. A free 30-day trial is available, and you could find yourself hiring Milton sooner rather than later.

Invoice Bubble

Many of us enjoy the work that we do, but when it comes down to it, we work so that we can get paid, make money, and support ourselves and our families. If you work for yourself and juggle multiple clients, then you know that sending out invoices to all of your clients can take a lot of time, but that doesn’t matter because that’s what you need to do to get paid. Sometimes we place a lot of the focus on finding tools to improve our work and communication efforts, but we should also be open to tools that can improve the invoicing process since that’s the last step in the process before your money arrives. Invoice Bubble makes invoicing simple for freelancers and small businesses.

This tool definitely doesn’t get in your way. You just select your client, enter the amount they that owe, and wait for the payment to arrive through PayPal. Branding the invoices to make them more professional is possible, and you can also setup recurring invoices and keep track of all of your clients. The free version of Invoice Bubble should prove to be suitable for anyone that has five clients or less, but the premium version is very affordable and offers more options.


I’ve been doing freelance work for most of my professional life, and as is the case with almost everything, there are definitely benefits and drawbacks to doing work in this way. Of course, the good must be outweighing the bad because I’m still sticking with it. One of the things that I dislike the most about working for myself is billing clients because your job isn’t done once you send them an invoice. After that you’ll still have to keep track of the invoices and make sure your payments are arriving on time. Many of the invoicing solutions that are available are way too complicated for someone with simple needs like myself, and that’s why I like CurdBee.

By using CurdBee, you’re able to send invoices to your clients, manage the status of the payments, and even accept payments through Google Checkout and PayPal. The invoices can be customized to match your company, and a list of ten international currencies are available for you to choose from when you bill your clients. If you can get past the fact that the Web site doesn’t contain hardly any information then you should be fine.

QuickBooks Simple Start – FREE Starter Edition For Windows

Intuit is offering for FREE a Starter Edition of their very popular QuickBooks software program. I’ve been using Quickbooks Pro for years to track customer sales, maintain inventory, and to create invoices. If you haven’t used QuickBooks before it may be advisable to seek professional help, since the software product has a steep learning curve IMHO.

This Free version has some limitations, such as:

  • Manage only 20 customers and vendors.
  • You can not import data from previous editions of QuickBooks.

Download your free copy here from the Intuit site.

And in case you missed my previous post, Microsoft also is offering a FREE accounting program. Check out the article here.

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