Free Browser in a Box Uses Firefox to Isolate Malware

In a perfect world we would not need to worry about infections and we could surf anywhere we wanted on the Internet. Unfortunately no matter which operating system or browser we use, there is always the possibility of becoming infected by some sort of critter. BitBox is one solution that may just keep your system safe when used in conjunction with Firefox.

Here is how it works. BitBox uses a virtual machine to isolate your browser software away from your operating system The browser and virtual machine can be used with Windows XP, Vista or Windows 7 while one uses Firefox normally. What BitBox does is isolate any viruses or malware that attack the browser. Once the browser is restarted, the infection is eradicated protecting your system completely.

In addition, BitBox also has versions for some distributions of Linux. The Web site must be translated from German to English. I did this using my Chrome browser, which automatically did the translating without a problem. I accessed the software and installed BitBox in about 20 minutes on my test box. The software package is just about 1GB and uses about 2GB of space on your hard disk.

Once you start BitBox and your Firefox browser, your surfing is relatively the same as if your were using Firefox by itself. I did notice some minor lag, but overall this was not a problem. My overall experience was positive and did not find any issues using BitBox.

There are some caveats one should be aware of. A user still needs to be careful not to fall for phishing attacks that may request you to provide personal information or data. As with any type of security protection, the user still must be alert for attempts to garner private information or to grant access to your computer system.

I have always found that the best protection any of us can use is common sense. Unfortunately, common sense cannot be bottled and sold over the Internet.