N.Y. State Senator Breaks Leg At Home Under Construction, Then Sues Builder And Homeowner

During the past few years, our confidence in our U.S. lawmakers has come into question for their ethics. One would think that when we vote for these people to regulate our  states, that one of the qualifications would be their common sense. So when I read an article about one New York State senator suing his constituents, it makes one wonder as to his qualifications to hold office. Here are the details of what happened.

There was a home under construction with its front door locked. The senator disregarded this and went to the back of the house where he gained access through a rear door. There was a ladder the workers used to gain access to the second story of the home, since the staircase had not been built yet. The senator chose, of his own volition, to climb the ladder. He subsequently fell off the ladder and broke his leg. The break required surgery and the senator decided to sue the home builder and the home owners.

The article goes on to state:

Alesi claims the builder and homeowners were negligent for failing to keep the premises in a reasonably safe condition. Builder DiRisio says the house was in a safe condition for construction workers.

What is ironic is that the senator states on his Web site that he supports small businesses. But in reality he has a strange way of showing it by suing not only a small business owner, but also one of his constituents. Hopefully he will reconsider the lawsuit and handle the situation in a responsible manner.

Our law makers should be responsible for showing that they are responsible for their own actions, whether in Senate meetings or in public.

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Source – WHEC News