The 'Magic Wall' – Just The Tip Of The Iceburg

For those who are interested in politics and who have been watching the election results on CNN, than you are already familiar with what has become known as the ‘Magic Wall’. The MW uses the invention of Jeff Hans who was one of the main developers who was involved with the ‘interface-free’ computer screen which is touch control driven. The screen which is similar to some touch-screen interfaces also recognizes multiple touch points and touch impressions.

Over at CNN they have used the MW to illustrate individual precincts and the voting totals for each district. The wizard of the MW [John King] can manipulate the MW to show everything from vote totals, demographics or other information that has been pre-programed into the system. When one sees the touch graphics and what the MW can do, one can only guess how this technology will one day have an impact on out lives.

Imagine if you will a mini-MW screen that a user can interact with while playing a video game. Watch as you the user can bring forth battle maps, attack an opponent or do other mind boggling actions all while interacting with other players. When one looks at this new technology the concept of what it will be able to do is limitless. I would venture to say that what Jeff Hans has invented will be with us for many years to come and will enhance our experience[s] with computers in general.

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John King at the MW here.

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