When Twitter Biebers Fight, It’s Called A Twitter Bieber Battle

This week, Lamarr is all worked up over Justin Bieber and his apparent misuse of Twitter. It seems as though JB was upset after a fan hacked the computer of a friend of the Bieb to obtain Justin’s cell phone number. This “hacker” then called and texted JB a few times. In order to get back at the poor kid, Justin tweeted HIS phone number out, claiming it was his own. The kid received thousands upon thousands of text messages and telephone calls.

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Apparently, the victim was Detroit teen Kevin Kristopik, who deleted his Twitter account shortly after tweeting, “Thanks for giving out my # @justinbieber.” Kristopik hacked Bieber’s friend Ryan Butler to uncover Bieber’s phone number, then did the crazed fan thing and texted him. Yes, that was wrong. No, Kristopik shouldn’t have done it. But does that give Justin Bieber the right to tweet Kevin’s number out to over four million followers?

According to a video Kevin posted on YouTube, he received more than 26,000 text messages in just a few hours. If the kid doesn’t have an unlimited texting plan (or International calling!), then his parents will likely have heart failure when the next phone bill shows up.

To me, this is a blatant case of abusing one’s power, and JB owes this kid a public apology — and then some. Lamarr doesn’t necessarily agree, though. What do YOU think?

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