Mark Minasi Asks Questions About Cloud

At another Connections conference show, Richard talks to the one-and-only Mark Minasi about his keynote at the conference in this RunAs Radio podcast. Mark aims his sights at cloud computing, asking the important questions about pricing, reliability and implementation challenges.

When Mark Minasi attended his first lecture about computers in 1973, he learned two things. First, computers are neat. Second, many technical people are very nice folks… but they can put you to sleep in an instant while explaining technical things. Mark transformed those two insights into a career making computers easier and more fun to understand. He’s done that by writing over a thousand popular computer columns, several dozen best-selling technical books, and explaining operating systems and networking to crowds from two to two thousand.

Awarded “Favorite Technical Author” by CertCities four times out of four, Mark is probably best known for his Mastering Windows Server and Complete PC Upgrade and Maintenance books, both of which have seen more than 12 editions and sold over a million copies. An audience member at a recent talk remarked that he believed that Mark could “do a talk on watching paint dry that would be so good that people would be motivated to go home and paint a wall just to experience the joy of watching paint dry.” While this has led to many very tempting offers from Sherwin-Williams, he’s decided to stay with his first and best love… technology.

280 Slides

I actually feel bad for people that have to create presentations all the time. I’ve created quite a few presentations before, but my experience is nothing near the level of experience that other people in the world of business have. In all truthfulness, creating presentations can be a lot of fun, but the problem is that your audience has probably seen so many PowerPoint presentations that they’ll be bored unless you try something new and captivate them. While there are many different ways to organize and deliver presentations, the desktop software that is used to create them has pretty much stayed the same, however, new Web-based tools like 280 Slides give you familiar functionality with some added bonuses in an online package.

With 280 Slides you can build complete presentations online, and you’ll notice that the interface of the service resembles Apple’s presentation software called Keynote. The available themes look great, and you can use pictures and videos from online services in your presentations. Once you’re finished with your presentation, you can publish it and share it on the Web in a variety of ways, but you can also download it as a PowerPoint file. Hey, old habits die hard.

Meet Senator John Edwards

You might read that subject line and think: since when did Lockergnome have anything to do with politics? I’d answer: we’ve been talking about geek politics for a while now (where have you been?). In all seriousness, you probably know who Senator John Edwards is. I’m thrilled to report that he’s keynoting this year’s Gnomedex conference – which many of you, unfortunately, will not be attending. Democrat, Republican, or Independent – this is absolutely tremendous news for us. The senator may very well be the next President of the United States of America, yet he’s taking the time to talk to true technologists. Gnomedex started with humble beginnings in Iowa; six years later, we’ve become one of the most talked about tech conferences in the industry. I really wish more Lockergnome subscribers could’ve been there with us through the years. Then again, we found our strongest audience in the blogosphere – which is one of the reasons you haven’t heard me push attendence through Lockergnome over the past couple of years (not like I used to do). Still, Senator John Edwards will be there with us – and there’s still time for you to pick up a Cove pass.
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