Allegiant Air Kicks Off A Crying 2 Year Old, Cranky 4 Year Old and Mom – No Refunds, Sorry!

Allegiant Air offers low cost flights from various airports around the country and they are explicit on certain discounted offers, that there are no refunds. But when one thinks of a no refund policy, I personally believe that it would apply when someone fails to make it to their scheduled flight. Over at the Consumerist they have an article which described an incident that happened on one Allegiant Air flight.

The article states the following:

An Arizona mom says she was flying to Billings, Montana for her birthday — but never got off the ground because the airline kicked her — and her unruly kids off the flight. They were told they could take another flight — if they paid for it. The airline says it’s their policy not to offer refunds.

Apparently, while still boarding their Allegiant Air flight, the woman’s 2-year-old started to cry. While she was trying to calm the toddler down, her 4 year old got “restless” and wouldn’t stay in his seat.

The airline removed the family from the plane and told them they could take another flight but neglected to mention at the time that this flight would cost $900 more. The airline says they will FedEx her luggage back from Montana (it was apparently behaving itself in the cargo hold,) and offered her a credit towards a future flight. She wants a refund.

I can understand the position of the airline when it comes to removing the children and mom from the flight. Not knowing all of the facts, I would imagine this was done to protect the other passengers on-board from being disturbed by the kids. What I can not understand is the fact that Allegiant Air would not provide the mom and kids to take another flight at the same price and now refuses to provide a refund.

In my opinion Allegiant Air is being unreasonable. What is your opinion?

Consumerist site with the story.