A Rainy Weekend

Hi, all! Candy man Andy Aerts writing in from Belgium again.

Last weekend I found some great stuff for you guys. I don’t know how the weather is in your part of the world, but Belgium had the worst weather in 50 years. Everything flooded and, tragically, three people died. Therefore I looked for some wind/water movies and found these.

I’m into sports, though extreme sports are a little… extreme for me. I don’t think this was what meant to happen. Don’t they tell you not to kitesurf when there is too much wind? I wonder what made his wife stay filming? Did she really think he would be okay?

There should be an image here!Meanwhile, in Belgium…

As this is Lockergnome and most people have a little bit of ‘geekiness’ inside of them, I searched my photo archive for some great footage. Let’s start off with the best B-day cake EVER! They had this at some kind of convention. Also great was kindergarten where parents left their children for a play while they where playing Superman & Wonderwoman. These two weren’t impressed… too busy playing Street Fighter.

Meanwhile, in Scandinavia…

On a serious note, I’m also a great fan of UK’s X-Factor. This week’s favorite was Rebecca Fergusson. I like Aiden, but he had to leave. His performance just wasn’t good enough! I hate it when people are angry when they get voted out of something… be a good loser! Thank you!

I’m still thinking about going to see the new Tron movie. I really like its action figurines.

A long, long time ago…

And last, but surely not least, I leave you with the best invention ever!

See you in a couple of days, guys.

And remember: protect the funny!

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