I Labored Over Labor Day Weekend

Although I will actually have some downtime on Labor Day itself (Monday), I spent Friday night, all day Saturday, and part of Sunday working hard on an e-mail migration for a small business customer of mine. And it’s still not complete. Functional, but not complete.

I’m becoming a one-man e-mail migration maven, as I’ve got so many migrations under my belt I’ve lost count. This includes Exchange 5.5 to Exchange 2003 migrations in a large corporate setting, as well as POP mail to hosted Exchange migrations for some of my small business customers. I thought this one would be as easy as the others. Actually, the e-mail part did go smoothly, at least on the back-end. The customer’s ISP updated their MX record to point to the hosted Exchange server at Intermedia.net right on schedule Friday evening. I’m used to handling the MX record changes myself, but their ISP didn’t have a Web interface for that, so I had to submit the request to their hostmaster via e-mail.

After I tested mail flow, I contacted two of the folks in this five-person business (three partners, plus two office staffers) to get each of their Outlook 2003 installations reconfigured via a Copilot remote session. I set up their Outlooks for Exchange, and then migrated messages previously stored in a PST from their old POP mail configuration. Both of those went pretty well. With Outlook 2003 in cached mode, it was then a matter of synching back to the Exchange server with all the messages I imported from PSTs.
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