Get Your Name in Lights with an LED Name Tag

Get Your Name in Lights Using an LED Name Tag
As Uncle Leo would tell us, even when you’re wearing an LED Name Tag, you still say “hello!” [Image shared by a cross between Chris Pirillo’s Instagram feed and Amazon]
Remember the boring old name tags that were just stickers on which you’d scrawl your moniker with a Sharpie marker? Now you can get your name in lights using an LED Name Tag that proudly displays your name. Be bold and display any short message of your choosing to the world and get yourself noticed.

Even if it’s just “hello.” After all, you still say “hello!”

This Red Scrolling Message LED Name Tag Will Get You Noticed

Picture this. You are working as a waiter, cashier, or at a pub or club and your message is flashed in bright, LED lighting right across your name tag. Say what you think or feel and let everyone who comes in contact with you get the message.

Other features of the LED Name Tag:

  • It holds up to six messages.
  • Each message can be up to 512 characters — that’s something like 3.65 tweets!
  • You can adjust the speed up to six different levels.
  • Nine brightness levels are available.
  • Its slim design is pocket sized.
  • Three buttons on the back make programming simple.
  • The LED Name Tag comes with two CR2032 batteries.

Own a Business? Buy an LED Name Tag for Each of Your Employees

What better way to advertise your business or other special event than to have your employees wearing these LED Name Tags? Restaurant owners and flash a message of today’s special meals or other daily specials. Your employees become walking billboards to advertise themselves, sale items or other bargains of the day. This simple, yet effective scrolling name badge, can become the perfect vehicle to bringing a smile to your customers’ faces as well as making the working environment more enjoyable for your employees.

But even if you don’t own a business or wish to advertise anything, just getting your name in lights may be enough to garner the attention you seek. Now is your chance to buy an LED Name Tag for yourself or as a gift for someone else!