Live Better by Living Life Every Day as if it Were Your Last Day on Earth

For most of us life is a gift that we tend to take for granted not realizing just how suddenly it can end. Given that as a basis for this article I suppose I should explain what has motivated me to write it.

A few years ago my then teen age daughters had a dear friend who at 16 years of age had everything going for him. Todd was bright, funny, and good looking. He was the kind of kid that even adults fell in love with for his giving and sweet attitude and joy for life. Then tragically one night he died when he attempted to help an older woman on a deadly highway grade. True, God must have missed Todd very much because the giving away of the mountain side could have never been predicted but when it gave it pushed Todd’s car off a 75 foot embankment into a swirling cesspool of water at the bottom.

That same month a 45-year-old friend of mine died of a massive heart attack. Again, Louie was a kind, good-hearted loving man who was working hard to raise the daughter he loved and support the wife he adored. Louie, like Todd, worked hard and drew people to him like a magnet and then all of a sudden his flame was extinguished and we were all the worse for it.

However, it was the combination of these two events that awoke in me a desire to live my life to its fullest since none of us can know when we will no longer have the opportunity to do the things we need or want to do. For me, it meant taking several measures that I would have put off for years and which I am so thankful that I took. The first of these was to divorce my husband of 20 years. While emotionally terrifying and physically exhausting this move has changed me, over the last 15 years, for the better,

While I would never suggest that a marriage end in divorce in my case my first marriage had nothing going for it. I can’t say it was a mistake since God gave me two wonderful daughters that I will forever be grateful for but other than that my first husband and I were just plain miserable. For me, God allowed me to meet my current husband almost immediately and we have been married for over 14 years. Ron is my best friend. He is loving, kind, responsible, and truly my soul mate. Additionally, my girls, despite the fact that the youngest was already 14 when we married, now love him as much as I do and consider then to be their Dad.

This is never so evident as it is with my youngest daughter, a single mom, who came home to live us again, at 20 when she found herself expecting a child. Ron opened his arms to her and she stayed with us until our grandson was a year old and Ron gave her the down payment for a little house of her own. That grandson still spends everyday with us, while mom works, and is the sparkle in his Papa’s eye.

Ron also gave me the opportunity to return to college and get not just one degree but 2, as well as, a CA teaching credential. Then he opened a successful business and the two of us began teaching at the local college.

Despite all of his success in CA, however, he is such an open person, that he willingly picked up and moved us 1900 miles to Missouri to enable me to live close to the sister and brother-in-law that raised me. How would I have known 15 years ago that God would have blessed me so richly?

Taking chances is risky, be it sky diving, skiing, mountain climbing, having a child, getting a divorce, or remarrying but if you don’t live everyday as if there may never be another you can never experience the joy that may be out there for you.

For some they consider suicide when events seem overwhelming. My answer to them is that suicide is a permanent solution to a temporary problem and a better alternative is live as if this were to be your last day on earth, take the bull by the horns so to speak, and make those difficult choices that can change your life forever.

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